How To Find The Top Golfing Equipment For Your Next Game

Whether you are a seasoned pro or just picking up golf, it is important to be prepared for your next game of golf and naturally, this involves getting the right equipment including golf clubs, head covers, golf shoes, gloves, a divot tool, a range finder, golf balls, tees, a golf bag and clothing suitable for golfing. 

It is estimated that around 25 million people play golf in the US each year, so it is no surprise that there is a sizable market for golfing equipment with a wide range of products and price points on offer. This can make it difficult to find the best value and quality golfing equipment, fortunately, our guide below gives some good pointers on how to find everything you need for your next golfing trip. 


How To Find The Top Golfing Equipment For Your Next Game


Research the Essentials

Before going out and spending money on golfing equipment and golf practice setup, it is always worth spending some time researching what you need and how to judge equipment affordability and quality online. The first thing you should consider is the several clubs you will need including a driver, pitching wedge, sand wedge, three wood, putter, cavity back irons, and three, five, seven, and nine irons. Most golf bags hold around 14 clubs, so once you have stocked it with the basic clubs required for golfing you can make some more specialized additions to help you tackle those trickier shots. 

As well as clubs, many other essential pieces of equipment will make your next golf game more fun and rewarding. The typical checklist of golfing equipment includes: 

  • Golf shoes. These should provide the right amount of grip and traction to maintain a good body shape when you swing.
  • Golf gloves. After several swings, most golfers’ hands will start to blister unless they have proper golf gloves to protect their hands from friction and help improve grip. 
  • Golf bag. This should have enough pockets to provide space for 14 golf clubs, balls, tees, cloths, raingear, personal items, snacks, and water. 

Once you have made your checklist of golfing equipment, it is a good idea to shop around online for prices and visit golf equipment stores to try out clubs for yourself. 

Choosing the Right Club For You

Due to the sheer number of golf clubs available on the market, choosing a new golf club can be confusing even for an experienced golfer. Purchasing a new golf club can be a large investment depending on your ability and budget, therefore it is wise to do some research first and not rush into a decision quickly.

Although there are many reputable golfing equipment brands out there, you should base your decision on your personal needs and requirements including body type, physical conditions, ability, and experience rather than which brands are currently trending. 

There are two main things to consider when buying a new golf club, the grip thickness and the length of the shaft. The thickness of the grip on a golf club has a big effect on the success of your swing.

When a grip is too thin it can cause golfers to have hand actions that are too open whilst grips that are too thick can restrict hand movements during a swing. Choosing a golf club with the correct shaft length is vital and the key factors to take into consideration are body type, physical strength, and height. 


How To Find The Top Golfing Equipment For Your Next Game


Get Recommendations From Golfing Friends

Since finding the right golfing equipment for you can be difficult, it is a good idea to ask your golfing buddies for recommendations on good brands and affordable golfing shops. Taking the time to do this will save you lots of time and help you to avoid impulse purchases of equipment that doesn’t work well for you. 

Use Custom Fittings

If you are going to make a significant investment in new golf clubs, it is advisable to go to a golfing shop for custom fitting to ensure that the clubs suit your body type, height, and style of swing. A custom fitting will determine important factors such as your angle of attack, club and ball speed, and launch angle. Experts can then use this data to select clubs that are best suited to your swing and style of play. 

Check Reviews of Online Golf Stores 

Even though it is highly recommended to buy golf clubs and get custom fittings at physical stores, it is also possible to find good deals for a range of golfing equipment online. However, before buying online you should take some time to check reviews and compare prices across various websites.  

Finding the best-golfing equipment that best suits your needs and style of play can be challenging due to the vast amount of items such as golf clubs, bags, gloves and shoes available online and in brick-and-mortar stores. That being said, if you follow the advice and tips in most buying guides you can save yourself some money and effort.

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