How to Fix a Leaky Roof

When water gets into your home it can cause a multitude of problems. Luckily, most homeowners insurance policies will cover sudden damage to your roof. But what happens when you want to do minor repairs yourself?

The first step is locating the problem and it is not always as easy as you may think. Read on as we discuss how you can fix a leaky roof.


1. Find the Cause of the Problem

Once you notice that your roof is leaking, you need to find where the problem lies. Take a good look at it from the ground, noting any missing or curled shingles. Look at the point where they join and check if caulking and flashing are still in place.

When you can’t identify the problem from ground level, you will have to exercise caution and go onto the roof itself. Should you be unable to find it, look at the inside of the roof space. Wet and damp areas may be able to point to the cause of the leak.

If you still have problems, go onto the roof with a hose. Ask a helper to stand inside and you can gently spray water onto the roof. They should be able to spot where water is getting in.

Complex problems may see the water appearing at a different point. When this happens, you need to get an expert. Learn about Amenity Roofing here if you need help and advice.

2. Replacing Shingles

If you have cracked or rotten shingles then you will need to replace them. Lift the edge of the shingles around it and pry the nails loose. When they are removed, the shingle should be easy to remove.

Before adding a new one, scrape away any cement. Level any nails that are still protruding if they cant be removed. You should then round the back corners of the shingle before putting it in place.

Lift the shingles surrounding the spot and slide the new one into place. Fix it using galvanized roofing nails, hammering one into each corner.


roofers insurance How to Fix a Leaky Roof


3. Repair Flashing

Flashing goes around intersections in a roof, usually where it meets the wall or a chimney. It will channel water down and away from the weak point. When flashing comes loose and water can run behind it, it will go into your property.

Any new roof will have flashing made from metal. However, older houses may have it made from tar. In these cases, you should consider getting a roofing company to remove the old one and put a new metal one in place for you.

When you just have to replace metal flashing, it is easier to do. Remove any shingle and siding that surround it. Replace your step flashing, making sure it is all held in place securely, then affix the shingles and siding.

Beyond a Leaky Roof

When your problems go beyond a leaky roof, you need to get assistance. While some jobs can be fixed yourself, others take much longer and need more skill. Paying for a professional may also be covered by your insurance policy.

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