How to Freshen Up Your Home After the Holidays

Holiday decorating brings so much life and joy into your home that when the season is done and the decorations are packed away, your home can seem empty and dull in comparison. This could be a contributing factor to the dampened spirits that the January blues tend to bring each year.

But saying goodbye to the holidays doesn’t mean you can’t find other ways to find joy in your home decorating. Rather than just accepting the gloom and darkness, there are plenty of ways to liven things up without Christmas lights, colored baubles, and stockings.

If you are looking for inspiration to give your home a refresh after the holidays are over, you’ve come to the right place. Follow our tips for sprucing up your home post-holidays this year.



It truly is astounding what a coat of paint can do. Any Whitby realtor knows that painting is an affordable yet powerful way to freshen up a home. Whether you focus on one room or plan to tackle several rooms, giving your home a makeover by changing up the tone or color can be just what you need to brighten things up after the holidays.

Colors that work well with the season and also have a refreshing effect include crisp white, soft blue or silver-gray, but anything that makes you feel refreshed and rejuvenated works just as well.


How to Freshen Up Your Home After the Holidays



Winter comes with darkness, and after the holiday lights go out, it can seem even darker. Brightening up your home can have a significant effect on mood. Add mirrors to help amplify the light, give your windows a good clean scrub to allow more light in, and change your lightbulbs to a more flattering brightness and tone.

Play into the Season

Another strategy to refresh post-holidays is to embrace the season. For some, the instinct is to combat the winter darkness by bringing in elements of spring or summer, but bringing in elements that complement winter can have a considerable impact on freshening up the look of your home. Add some evergreen branches into a vase with some winter berries. Or bring out other winter staples like pomegranates or apples in a silver or blue bowl.

Embrace Greenery

When we think of the word fresh, we often think of lush greenery and florals. Adding greenery to your home is a great way to incorporate something new and fresh as you enter a new year.

How much greenery you incorporate is up to you. If you’re a novice when it comes to taking care of plants, there are plenty of plants that require minimal upkeep and will still give the room something extra. If you’re confident you can keep your greenery alive and flourishing, consider adding various hanging plants near your windows or even creating an accent plant wall.

How to Freshen Up Your Home After the Holidays

Deep Clean

Don’t underestimate the mood boost of a spic and span house. We spend far more time in our homes in the winter than in other months of the year, so freshening the place up with a deep clean can have a big impact. It’s amazing what spending a few hours of cleaning can do to refresh and rejuvenate your mood.

Furniture Shake-Up

Sometimes, all you need is a fresh perspective in the home, and that can be as easy as moving your furniture around. Simply changing the location of the couch or a table can change the way you feel in the space. Additionally, moving your furniture every so often ensures your rug doesn’t fade in particular areas or become worn down.


Another way to refresh your home is to get rid of things that you no longer want or need. Studies have shown that clutter can impact our mental health, so getting rid of excess items that don’t serve a purpose not only frees up space in your house but also in your mind.

Decluttering involves taking stock of your home and what you’ve collected over the years, and making fair, rational decisions on what still belongs in the home and what you’ve decided is no longer serving you, or you’ve grown out of. When you engage in decluttering, there are several options to consider with the items you’ve decided you no longer want or need.


5 cleaning decluttering ideas woman decluttering clothes Freshen Up Your Home After the Holidays



There are many benefits to donating used items, whether it’s clothing you’ve grown out of, home decor, kitchen items, or even furniture you’re looking to get rid of. No matter where you live, there is sure to be at least one local donation center or charity that could use your old items. By engaging in the recycling and reusing process, you’re not only decluttering your space — you’re also passing on your items to people in need.


Shopping secondhand has become a significant trend, with more young shoppers looking for gently-used furniture and clothing that they can repurpose into their homes and wardrobes. You may not have any use for that dated lamp or pair of shoes, but there’s almost a guarantee someone else will find value in your items. Consider selling on an online marketplace or through your own social media or word of mouth.

With the money you receive from your sales, you can reinvest into your home or your own wardrobe and purchase pieces you feel will be more timeless in your collection.


In some cases, items may be in a condition that is simply not sellable. If you’re unable to donate or sell certain items, they may have to be taken out to the trash. Consider, if at all possible, composting or recycling if you’re able. This ensures there are fewer items ending up in landfills.


Your home doesn’t have to stay looking the same forever. Like our clothing, we go through different phases with home decor and aesthetics. These tips are just some of the ways you can breathe new life into your home.

Try out some of these tips if you’re missing the effect of holiday decorations and want to spruce up your home for winter.


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