How to Get a Green Lawn: 7 Effective Tips

Did you know that the average American household spends $500 on lawn care per year? While that may seem like a little, in reality, caring for your lawn is a lot cheaper than you think. And with some simple advice, anyone can have a beautiful green lawn.

So, have you always wondered why the grass is always greener on the other side? In today’s post, we’ll teach you how to get a green lawn with some top-notch lawn care tips, so be sure to read until the end!



1. Learn to Aerate

Perhaps one of the best landscaping tips you can follow is aerating your lawn. Unfortunately, as time passes, the soil beneath your lawn becomes compacted, damaging the roots and resulting in lesser green grass. You can remedy this issue by punching holes (3-inch deep) throughout your yard, which loosens compacted soil.

But, you’ll need a special aerating tool to do it effectively, so be sure not to use any tool you find lying around. Alternatively, most landscaping services aerate lawns at a low cost.

2. Water Your Lawn Thoroughly

If you think using a sprinkler a couple of times a week will be sufficient for your grass to turn green, then you’re mistaken, as it takes more than a simple sprinkler to water a lawn. Most home landscaping services use hoses to water lawns, and the reason is that grass needs lots of water to be healthy. Of course, only water your grass once or twice a week, as any more may harm it.

3. Add Natural Fertilizers

Synthetic lawn fertilizers may yield faster results, but in the end, your grass won’t last as long as it should. By using natural fertilizers, your grass will still look healthy, but it’ll also last a lot longer. So, be sure to purchase natural fertilizers the next time your visit the garden section.

4. Don’t Get Rid of Your Grass Clippings

A lesser-known residential landscaping secret is to reuse the grass clippings when mowing the lawn. Grass clippings add extra nutrients to the grass when it decomposes, which helps it have a healthier aspect. So, don’t get rid of the grass clippings!

5. Don’t Cut Your Grass Often

Most people cut their grass as soon as they see it grow an inch. But, if you want your grass to grow strong and healthy roots, you’ll want to let the grass grow at least a couple of inches high. By following this tip, you’ll also save money on gas, so a win-win situation!

6. Use Compost

Compost improves water drainage and prevents erosion. You can make your own compost by blending vegetable and fruit waste with soil. Additionally, you can purchase compost at your local gardening store, but you should make sure it’s all-natural.

7. Add Some Mycorrhizal Fungi

As you may know, some organisms in the soil can help your lawn. That’s why adding mycorrhizal fungi is an important step for a healthier lawn as it gives the needed nutrients to those organisms. If you can’t find that fungi, you could also use corn gluten meal.

Learn How to Get a Green Lawn the Right Way

Hopefully, you now know how to get a green lawn with these tips. But, of course, be patient as it takes time to see results. So, don’t wait any longer, and start taking care of your lawn today!

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