How To Get Rid Of House Mould Permanently?

You have to be extremely careful when dealing with house mould. Moulds are also fungi and can be destructive as they can cause loss to fabrics, furnishings, and decorations or even reduce the air quality.

It can be so unhealthy to live with for a long time. It causes health issues in the immune system of both young and elderly people. These moulds are sometimes visible.

Mould formation is a result of leakage or humidity, by spreading wet clothes inside, cooking or showering, and also lack of air ventilation or dampness can cause plenty of moisture. Getting rid of moulds permanently is very important.


5 Ways To Get Rid Of House Mould

Once your home is suffering from mould, Here are ways to get rid of it below. Don’t wait for the mold poisoning symptoms to start before you get rid of them.

1. Identifying The Source Of The Mould And Fixing It

This is the first process of trying to get rid of mould. You have to identify or locate where and what is causing the mould. The idea of doing this is to prevent it from returning once it is fixed.

It can be caused by contaminated water or poor air ventilation and so on. Mind you when trying to identify the source wear protective equipment like rubber gloves, mask, or even goggles.

2. Ensure The Area Is Well-ventilated

A ventilated area can prevent mould from the house or anywhere. Ventilation helps to stop moisture and air dry the wet areas of your house quickly. The air flowing into the house gives room for good health to everyone.

3. Scrub or Wash Mould Surfaces And Dry Thoroughly

You can also wash or scrub mould off surfaces using a bleach solution. Wear rubber gloves when doing that to prevent the fungi from coming in contact with the skin. Once it is done, then dry it thoroughly with a clean cloth.

Dispose of cloth as soon as possible because it is contaminated. However, once you notice the mould is caused by water from sewage, you can call a professional mould remediation company to get rid of the mould. This is because it can be very harmful if not treated well. Do not treat it all by yourself.

4. Remove and Dispose of Irreparable Floors and Furnishings

Recall mould is also fungi. This tends to spread gradually on floors and furnishings. Once you find any material like tiles, dry walls, carpets, and so on mouldy, it should be disposed of. Should the damage be serious you can call a specialist to do the job.

5. Clean, Vacuum, And Disinfect All Surface Within the Room

This is the final step when all these steps above are done. Thoroughly clean and disinfect the rooms. It aids in better living when mould is halted, the maintenance cost will reduce, sickness will lessen, and a clean and healthy environment.



Follow these steps strictly as they will guide you to get rid of moulds permanently. You can also call a professional to be safe from spreading the fungi around the house. Finally,  you can reach out to Benjel to help out.


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