How to Get The Most out of Your Property Valuation

Property Valuation is defined as the assessment of the value the property will sell for at the date of sale. Make sure the assessment is performed by a qualified professional who knows how to properly evaluate your property. The valuer will value your house, buildings (if applicable), and any improvements you made to the property. They will submit the property to the one who requested the property valuation in the first place. This article will provide ways for you to maximize your property value. Remember the higher your property is appraised the more money you will sell it for.


1. Curb Appeal Reigns

The first thing potential buyers will look at is the outside of the house such as the front yard and the exterior of the house. Paint the outside of your home to upgrade its appearance and to add thousands of dollars to the property valuation.

The best colors to paint your home are neutral colors that match each other and complement and make the yard appear attractive. Don’t ever paint the exterior with bright colors these will turn potential buyers away quickly. Keep the colors neutral this will increase the value of your property greatly.

2. Sculpture the Garden

If you have dead trees or the lawn is overrun by weeds clean up the yard making it immaculate. Have the dead trees removed and pull out the weeds so your yard will show a nice, green, and healthy lawn.

If there are bare spots on the lawn sprinkle some fertilizer over them to bring life back to those dead spots. If your lawn is dead, then have a new lawn laid in your yard to give the yard an appealing look.  A beautiful yard will add great value to the property.

3. Walk Thoroughly Around the Property

Take an extensive walk around the inside of your home and the outside of the property. Look for holes in the roof or leaky roofs which will turn buyers away quickly because they will think it will take a major investment to repair the roof. Invest in a new roof and it will greatly increase the value of your property.

In the interior look for worn-out floors, curtains, and defaced cabinets that may have a dull finish from wear. Either replace the cabinets or paint a new coat of varnish on them to improve their appearance.

If your home has wallpaper get rid of it because wallpaper is passé and has been for years.  Paint the interior walls in neutral colors as well like crème, beige, or white or colors that won’t stand out. The buyers will change the colors if they so desire.

Don’t decorate the house with your personal preferences because what you think is attractive others will find unattractive. Research what the popular interior trends are and incorporate them into your interior. This will not only increase the value of the property but it will appeal to potential buyers.

4. Clean and Clean Some More

Replace old worn-out curtains with new modern curtains and if you have any dirty curtains hanging around the house take them down and wash them or have them cleaned professionally. Power wash the exterior of your home if it doesn’t need to be painted. Power wash your driveway and walkways and if there cracks in the driveway have them filled or set a new driveway in place.

If you have a wooden deck in the back re-varnish it and re-paint it if it is a painted deck because new-looking decks will attract new buyers and increase the value of your property.

5. Install Safety Equipment in and around the Property

In today’s troubled world having a top-rated security system in the house will not only increase the value of the property but will give potential buyers peace of mind. It will also increase the value of the property overall. Install smoke alarms, security alarms, and carbon monoxide alarms so they will sound the alarm if carbon monoxide levels increase to unnatural levels.

The function of smoke alarms is obvious. If the dwelling is packed with safety devices you will sell your home in record time. You will also add value to the property. The more improvements you make to the interior and exterior of the property the more money you will take home.

This article has covered some practical solutions to help you add the maximum value to your property. If you follow these suggestions you will greatly buffer your financial bottom line. If you’re seeking a property valuation, then it’s best to seek out a professional who will be able to take into account factors like, location, land value, and environmental factors that contribute to its current market value.


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