How To Host The Perfect Game Night For Your Friends

There’s nothing better than a great night with your mates. Whether you’re hitting the town, watching the match, or enjoying a catch-up, your friends are the people that make life wonderful, and it’s always great to spend time with them. But, why not take your hang time to the next level with that perfect game night?

Game nights can be a great way of joining together for some fun competition. If you think a game night would suit your friends, there are some great options for games to choose from. Below are some top tips on how to host the perfect game night for your friends.


Getting The Gang Together

It was mentioned at the top, but it’s worth saying again: there’s nothing more important in your life than good times with great friends (and family!) Life is made up of precious memories, mostly made with your favorite people by your side.

When planning a game night, you can expect laughs, fun, banter, and maybe a little competitiveness from yourself and your pals – and that’s what it’s all about!

There’s nothing wrong with some fun competition with friends. In fact, you may find that competitiveness brings groups together. So, whether you’re playing against each other or in teams, a game night can be an ideal way to make some memories.


wdw Perfect Game Night


Snacks and Drinks Are Essential

No great game night would be complete without refreshments! If you are over the legal drinking age in your country, some nice themed cocktails can help liven the atmosphere and bring some more giggles into the game. If you aren’t, don’t fear, as some non-alcoholic mixed drinks can be just as delicious for the younger generation.

Snacks are a must, too! However, your choice of snack could vary massively depending on the type of game you are playing. If you’re playing a game involving cards or moving pieces, you probably don’t want to have oily snacks like chips or battered food all over everyone’s fingers. Depending on the crowd, some healthy snacks might be on offer. Or, if you’re having a blowout night, get your favorite sweets delivered, nuts and chocolates, and fill the center of the table with them.

Try Word Games

Ok – on to the games. One of the best types of games to play in a group is word games. Word games have been around for centuries, with classics like Scrabble and Boggle being around for decades. These games promote competitiveness and enjoyment, whilst also taking a little bit of brainpower to concentrate on finding the best words.

No good at word games? Well, there’s a bit of a trick for that. As, a website hosting word unscrambling game tools points out, a tool like theirs “is one of the best ways to level the playing field and get ahead of the competition when playing games with any kind of scrambled letters in them.”

These clever tools will help you find the best words with your available letters, helping you get ahead in the game. And hey, there’s no need to tell your friends if you don’t want to! 


How To Host The Perfect Game Night For Your Friends


Physical Games 

There are all kinds of games that involve a little physicality, which can be a great way of bonding and having a bit of extra fun with a game night. Games like Twister involve up to 4 people balancing in precarious positions whilst trying to keep the right hands and feet on whichever colored circles they have been instructed to place them on. These games often end in a bit of a tumble and a lot of laughs. Be careful, people can get a little wobbly if they’ve had one or two of those cocktails!

Video Games

You may think video games are aimed at the youngest people in society, but that is becoming less and less the case. Video games can be – and are – great sharing activities.

Get your console and controllers out for a night of fun with your friends. Classic games like arcade games, sports games, and multiplayer quests can be a lot of fun for groups. Make sure you have the right games or controllers so that everyone can get involved – don’t go on a 2-hour quest before anyone else gets a turn!


How To Host The Perfect Game Night For Your Friends


Plan a Quest

Games like Dungeons and Dragons and Magic: The Gathering have been growing in popularity in recent years. Once viewed as games for kids, they are being adopted more and more by an adult crowd looking to have a night filled with magic, fun, and imagination.

These games are easy to learn but often take a long time to master. You can learn about D&D by reading this Barbarian 5e Class Guide because it contains all the vital things for you to get started. If you try to choose the characters, you must then evaluate all the characters and their abilities, to be able to build your own.

For instance, if you choose the artificer class, you can both read a lot about dnd 5e Artificer class abilities or watch videos shot by Dungeons Dudes on Youtube. If you have a group of friends with experience in D&D or Magic, you can find yourselves losing hours to these awesome games. 

Gamble With Cards

Everyone knows a card game or two. Those who don’t will learn quickly. Card games can be a lot of fun as they often mix chance with strategy. Poker, Rummy, or Blackjack can all be fun group games without much learning or effort involved. Make it more fun with a bit of friendly wagering. Bet with single dollars or even fake poker chips to add a little bit of drama to your card games.


Perfect Game Night


Question Everything

Finally, who doesn’t love a guessing game? Board games like Guess Who and Cluedo are awesome games that require questioning and imagination throughout. They can be played in small groups or bigger teams. 

Take it one step further and plan a full-on murder mystery evening for your guests. With murder mysteries, everyone is given a role or a task to perform to fulfill the story. At the end of the night, people should have to guess who has done what throughout. Who is the murderer? Who was innocent? These games get everyone together and can last for a whole night.

With these games, drinks, and snacks, you should have an awesome night of gaming and laughter ahead. Invite your nearest and dearest – or just those who aren’t sore losers! Without a doubt, game nights can help create some of the most fun and long-lasting memories with your friends.


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