How to Identify High-Quality Organic Turmeric?

Wondering how to identify high-quality organic turmeric? You’re in the right place! Foods grown in a socially responsible manner without subjecting them to pesticides and chemical fertilizers are considered organic. Farming, when done organically, relies on natural manure like compost and biological pest control. This prevents harmful pesticides from entering your body while consuming the produce.

Organic farming comes with its own set of challenges thus, making the corresponding produce expensive. Turmeric is a popular cooking spice and has medicinal value because it contains curcuminoids. Safe supplements like organic turmeric @PlantDoctor include a concentrated dose of curcumin.


Identifying High-Quality and Genuine Organic Turmeric

Considering the many turmeric supplements around, selecting a quality and genuine one is of prime importance. Listed below are guidelines to identify health capsules made from genuine and superior quality organic turmeric:

Check for a Recognized Third Party Approval

Independent third-party bodies specialize in testing food products on quality and safety parameters. An American USDA certification or an Australian seal reflecting NASAA Certified Organic are valid stamps of approval.

The reputation of the certifying institute is of equal importance as only then can you count on the turmeric being genuinely organic.

Source from Retailers of Repute

Brands that take pride in using natural resources to create an effective and healthy product like organic turmeric @PlantDoctor are completely trustworthy. Every effort is made to ensure the turmeric plant flourishes and grows in a sustainable environment.

To develop an earth-friendly product offering, your well-being is not compromised. Reputed brands craft health supplements that you consume by conforming to quality standards and ethical manufacturing practices.


High-Quality Organic Turmeric


Examine List of Ingredients

On examining the ingredients listed on the packaging, you can establish any artificial additives or fillers therein. Ingredients like stearic acid or magnesium stearate and Dibasic Calcium Phosphate (DCP) found particularly in turmeric supplements are exceptionally harmful.

A vegetable-based capsule is healthier than one that includes gelatin. When you notice the packaging reflecting patented ingredients, it indicates the manufacturer’s commitment to quality. Patented ingredients are recognized by regulatory authorities and tested for their efficacy via clinical studies conducted.

The absence of labeling information itself is a worrying sign. When you are unaware of the ingredients used to manufacture a health supplement, how can you trust it? Heavy metals like Copper and Arsenic can cause serious organ damage besides bringing on cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and cancer if present.

Consult Before Consuming

Recommended dosage varies based on the extract used by the relevant brand. Even the presence of absorption-enhancing ingredients directly impacts the recommended dosage displayed on the packaging.

Supplements that incorporate patented turmeric extract formulations and ingredients that enhance the absorption of curcuminoids are considered the best. As a ground rule, always consult your health practitioner before consuming health supplements in any form.

Turmeric is known to be an effective nutritional supplement. By consuming it in its organic form, you gain from its many exceptional properties. Organic turmeric’s anti-inflammatory and bioactive compounds do wonders for your system.

Depend on a seasoned brand whose range of products is created in a sustainable manner with the backing of technology and science.


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