How to Install a Solar Energy Generator

In 2021, global solar PV electricity generation rose to 18%. This rate will only grow in the following years as more people opt for sustainable living.

Among all renewables, solar energy is the most affordable and most abundant. Not only that, but a solar system is also more scalable.

But did you know that there is a more practical way to harvest photons? A solar energy generator is a flexible all-in-one power station. Keep on reading this article to learn more about it.


Setting Up a Solar Energy Generator

People often set up their solar energy generator by connecting it to an electrical panel. While it may look easy to do, your breaker panel is a sensitive work of wires. Because of that, any mistake can damage both types of equipment.

When connecting your generator to the electric panel, always have all the tools ready. It includes preparing the necessary power chords and transfer switches.

All solar power generators have built-in charge controllers and power inverters. Because of that, you can use it to supply power for your electronic appliances and devices.

Installing a generator to your home’s electrical system is easier if you run a grid-tied solar system. Instead of using your inverter, you can let the grid’s inverter provide you with solar power. By doing that, households can connect their generators to the same inverter.

The process is trickier when you have a separate solar power system. By installing a solar generator, you have a backup for emergencies. They can also be a substitute when there’s a grid failure.

Different Ways of Connecting Your Solar Energy Generator

There are several methods that you can do to connect your solar energy generator. The easiest and safest option is to set it up with a generator transfer switch. You can install these small devices to your electrical panel and let it act as a passage between the two.

Connect these generator transfer switches to all the circuits in the panel. In doing so, you can allow supply power flexibility to specific electric routes. They also have safety features that help you avoid electric back-feed.

Transfer switches alternate grid power and the one coming from your solar-powered generator. It makes managing and controlling solar power easy. When you have a grid failure, you can use generators to power appliances like your refrigerator and AC.

When you own a portable solar energy generator, you can choose between three switch types. They are the following:

  • Automatic transfer switch
  • Manual transfer sub-panel switch
  • Breaker interlock connector

Automatic or smart transfer switches have automatic recognition of power outages. It allows them to start drawing power from your generator without controlling them.

Manual switches are the more affordable option, but they need manual activation. When you experience occasional power interruption, these devices are a good option.

BICs are the most popular, affordable, and flexible option. They allow you to choose which appliances or gadgets will get a power supply from your generator. Most BICs often have a built-in amp meter that prevents them from overloading.

Considerations When Choosing a Solar Generator

Often, people will make direct connections between their electronic devices to their generators. It’s not a problem since solar generators feature several power outputs. Due to that, you won’t have to worry about device compatibility.

Most, if not all, solar energy generators have various USB charging ports. They also have AC power and 12V outlets. The newer models can even feature USB-C ports.

When choosing one, calculate your load wattage during a grid failure. After that, you can buy the best model and the solar panels you need to charge them. You can also have several parallel solar energy generators to meet your power needs.

The best feature of a solar energy generator is its portability. Wherever you are, you can supply power to your devices with a generator.

There are many brands and models of solar generators on the market. It often confuses people about what to buy for their homes.

To make things easier for you, narrow your choices by power supply, budget, and performance. Those who only need enough power for emergency lights can get small solar generators. But if you want a high-performing option, consider buying a Bluetti AC200.

Many high-performance generators have several output ports. You can get a direct power supply for your electrical devices without connecting them to a panel.

You can also have a DIY solar generator. Instead of fixed models, you can get ready-made products and assemble them yourself.

DIY generators allow you to select the best parts for your device while saving money. It’s also a great project to spend your free time.

Solar Energy System Essentials

There are always instances where you think that a solar generator can’t store enough power. Some households find buying more solar generators more expensive. Because of that, they consider investing in a full-scale solar power system.

Unlike solar energy generators, you wire your equipment to your home. When you plan to use solar power for long periods, a solar system is more convenient. They can also store more energy.

Although you lose portability, a permanent solar power system has many benefits. Due to that, you need to invest in quality materials to make them last.

A solar energy system needs solar panels, inverters, and good wiring. There are other materials, but panels and inverters are crucial components.

Solar panels are essential in catching photons from the sun’s rays throughout the day. These sub-particles are necessary to produce electricity from solar energy.

Inverters convert the generated DC power from the solar panels into AC power. It provides the necessary current your devices and appliances need to function.


Everything You Need to Know When Installing a Solar Energy Generator

Renewable energy sources like solar power are becoming popular. In recent years, people gained environmental awakeningsSet featured image and found sustainable living better.

Because of that having a portable energy source like a solar energy generator is crucial. Many households enjoy road trips, and using one saves money.

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