How to Install Double Barn Wood Doors?

Today, barn doors are associated with style, convenience and functionality. They are used in large apartments and modest houses: they look appropriate everywhere if they are chosen well and installed according to all the rules. They are convenient thanks to the easy mechanism of opening (sliding on the slats) and allow you to successfully zone the space.

Stylish double barn wood doors can perfectly fit into almost every interior. The best options for their use are loft, modern, Provencal, rustic and even classical. After choosing and buying, the question of how to install double barn doors becomes no less important. In addition to basic assembly instructions, it is also necessary to know the general recommendations to do it correctly, reliably in order to avoid trouble. 


unnamed How to install double barn wood doors?


Necessary Tools

Large openings in the walls require practical solutions, so customers often choose double barn doors for the bedroom, dining room, living room or as a way to zoning in the bathroom, laundry room or utility room. To install double barn doors did not take much time and was as easy as possible, it is worth preparing:

  • the doors themselves (cleared of packaging);
  • door hardware (handles, slats, casters);
  • level;
  • tape measure;
  • pencil;
  • hardware kit;
  • glue for wood;
  • clamps.

This list will allow you to recreate a self-installation from marking the space for the object to successfully testing the ease and smoothness of the door opening.

Steps for Installing Double Barn Doors

If you are confident in your abilities and have chosen a personal installation, strictly follow the installation instructions of the manufacturer. Before doing so, you should study this material, which will help you to plan the work and perform it step by step. This will save you from unnecessary actions and bring the desired successful result closer. In addition, you don’t have to interrupt your work to look for manuals on the Internet: installing double barn doors will be a pleasant adventure that is not difficult to accomplish.

Step 1

The first step is to measure the opening and make a mark for the future double barn door installation. You’ll need a tape measure and a pencil for this. These marks should be made at some distance from the edge of the wall to take into account any gaps.

Step 2

All hanging double barn doors are held to the wall by a slat. Proper functioning and service life of the door will depend on the reliability of its attachment. To install the slat, you will need to make holes and fix the construction securely using the nails or screws provided.

Step 3

Top companies fully complete their products, so your door sets should also have casters. Due to them, the door leaf will move smoothly on the slats, so the correctness of their attachment is no less important. To do this, you should mark the distance or use a ready-made marking. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for this process.

Step 4

Before you do the final installation, you should also attach the handles on both sides. The optimum height for the comfort of the residents is approximately 36 inches, but you should also be guided by their size and the height of the door leaf itself. Good door kits usually offer bolts or screws for this, so you’ll need the proper tools.

Step 5

After figuring out all the nuances of how to hang double barn doors, all you need to do is fix it. For this purpose, you should insert the casters into the slides as shown in the diagram of the instructions. If everything works correctly and there are no gaps, you can safely try the new door by making a few test movements of opening and closing.

How to Maintenance Barn Door

After dealing with all the nuances of how to install a double barn door, it is worth taking care of how long they last. The durability of such products depends on proper installation and, most of all, on proper maintenance. In particular, it is necessary to:

  • regularly remove dust and dirt from the door leaf and barn mechanism;
  • spray graphite powder or special lubricating oil over the casters and slat;
  • adjust each half of the door from time to time: frequent use may increase the gaps and the leaf may warp;
  • change the broken casters in time, so as not to damage the coating and not to break the slat.

Following these simple rules will keep your sliding barn looking and functioning great for years.


unnamed 1 How to install double barn wood doors?


Final Words

If you realized during the renovation that a single door does not suit you categorically in terms of size, functionality or style of the room, a double barn will be the best choice. It guarantees comfort in any space and independent installation does not take much time and can be done with common tools. Choosing a door from the United Porte brand, which has been presenting its products on the market for over 25 years, you will get:

  • quality goods made of environmentally friendly materials;
  • a variety of options for a perfect choice;
  • warranty on operation;
  • insurance for the period of delivery;
  • installation and care recommendations.

With door panels from the top manufacturer, your dining room, bathroom, bedroom or additional guest room will play with new colors. When renewing your home atmosphere, you should always choose quality, a clean reputation, and a modern approach.


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