How to Keep Your Dog Safe and Always Know Where They Are

Dogs are man’s best friends, and for as long as man has felt the need for a non-human connection, dogs have always been there. Taking good care and keeping these fantastic pets safe should not be left to time and chance.

According to the American Humane Association, at least 10 million dogs are reported lost or stolen per year in the US. Out of 3 random dogs, at least one will become lost or stolen at a certain point in their lives.

Another study by the American Veterinary Medical Association reveals that only about 22% of lost dogs are found and returned to their human owners. These statistics show that a lost dog is more common than we know and lost dogs hardly get found. 

A lost dog is a nightmare nobody wants to have to deal with. Keeping your dog safe and always knowing where they are is a sure way to avoid dealing with a lost dog and ensure that if/when they get lost, they can find their way back to you. 

How do you keep your dog safe and always know where they are? Below are five ways you can track and keep your dog safe.


  • Use a collar

One simple way to keep your dog safe and ensure you always know where your dog is is to have your dog use a collar. Besides the fact that it is illegal in many cities to own a dog without a collar, a collar identifies your dog. Your dog with a collar shows that it is not a homeless and wandering dog.

Customized collars also show that the dog is yours. Hence, if your dog wanders away, the neighbors, the community, local cops, and even animal protection can identify your pup and bring it back home to you.

Customized collars can also have details like phone numbers, your home address printed or attached to them to aid fast location. A collar is also a good place to attach a leash to keep your dog physically restrained when on walks. 


Keep Your Dog SafE


  • Use GPS trackers

Keeping your dog safe and knowing where your dog is will be incredibly easier with a GPS tracker. A dog with a GPS tracker is 100% more likely to be found and returned home to you than a dog without a GPS tracker. This technology ensures 24/7 monitoring, security, reliability, and unique identification for your dog.

A GPS tracker for your dog may contain a microchip inserted into the collar. These gps collar trackers detect and record the location of your dog every time, using a global map. The GPS tracker may record information about you and your dog on a central database that makes it super easy to locate your family. A GPS tracker package may contain other features like health (e.g., temperature, sleep quality), food, and physical activity monitoring. 

There are different types and models of GPS trackers. Some external trackers can be inserted into its collar and internal GPS trackers that are injected into your dog. GPS trackers can be a little expensive; however, they give maximal assurance that your dog is safe.

There are many GPS trackers for dogs in the market, and you should consider the ones with good reviews. Research and buy the GPS tracker that gives you maximal value for your money. For GPS trackers that use batteries, purchase one with a long-lasting battery life span. Waterproof, range limitation, and lightweight are added advantages you may want to look out for.

  • Use a leash

Another fantastic way to keep your dog safe and know the physical location of your dog is to attach a leash to your dog. This is probably the most cliche thing to point out, but it is also essential. A leash allows you to have physical control of your dog’s movement at any time.

Whether you are holding on to the leash or clamping it to a place in your house, you can be assured that your pup’s whereabouts are known and secure. Use leashes that are not too tight and allow for minimal movement to ensure you don’t hurt your dog.


4R Keep Your Dog SafE


  • Never leave your dog unattended outside your home

Within your home, you are sure to know the possible location of your dog, care for it and keep it safe. However, a dog is more likely to get lost or harmed outside your home. Make sure you always pay attention to your dog outside your home, especially in unfamiliar vicinities.

Don’t leave your dog in your car. If you shut the windows, the dog might overheat and become unconscious; if you open the windows, the dog might jump off or get stolen. If you want to bring your dog along, make sure where you are going to be pet-friendly. Hold on to leashes during a walk or a run. If the dog is not on a leash, do not take your eyes off it.

  • Train your dog to recognize recall

It is healthy for your dog to go out for a while, as long as they don’t wander too far off. However, dogs have minds of their own; so, if your dog wanders off, you must make it return home, which is where recall comes in handy. A recall is a verbal or non-verbal command to recall your dog from doing something, going somewhere, or a signal to return home.

Train your dog on specific recall commands for specific situations using dog buttons and make sure that it recognizes these commands. This will help you control your dog and ensure it returns home after wandering away.

As a dog owner, keeping your dog safe is a task that should be done with all responsibility. Even if it requires spending a little more money than you planned to, it is sure worth it as you always know and can keep an eye on where your dog is at all times. Your furry friend and family deserve all the protection you can afford them, so use all these tips as you see fit.

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