How to Keep Your Golf Loving Man Happy

What does a typical weekend look like for your partner? Does he spend it watching Tiger Woods season re-runs over whisky, or is he one to hit the green with his boys? Perhaps he’s yet to get his footing on the Fairway and would rather spend Sunday nose buried inside a copy of Arnold Palmer’s memoir? Whichever the case, it’s evident that your man has a passion for the sport, and while you may never come around to breaking 100 with him, who’s to say you can’t help him get there? Ideally, gifts are a time old love language that depicts appreciation, affection, and support for a loved one- do you see where we’re going with this?


How to Keep Your Golf Loving Man Happy


5 thoughtful golf-inspired treats for your man

What do they say about failing to beat your favorite golfer? Join him! You’d be surprised how men delight at their partners expressing an interest in their hobbies and pastimes. So rather than sweat yourself trying to drag him off that golf course, we’d suggest equipping him with elements that’d make his time on the links relatively smooth if not enjoyable.

Besides, what would prove more sentimental than a token to show your support for everything he does- even when it’s not your cup of tea? We want to kickstart your hunt with five golf ideas for him that will surely blow his mind.

Tech gizmo

The golf club shouldn’t take it away if he’s a techie at heart. You can find an impressive range of tech golf gadgets he’d marvel at and help bring his golf skills to the next level. Our favorite in this category is the Blast Motion Golf Swing Analyzer; this pocket-sized gem is Bluetooth enabled and designed to help the golfer track his performance and gradual improvement.

Think of it as you would a golf coach. Next is the Golf Range Distance Watch that wins for analyzing shots; we’re talking distance measurement, post-round analysis, and auto-records. How cool is that?

Gear him up

Give his wardrobe a boost with fantastic golf clothing items ranging from sunnies and gloves to polo shirts and quilted vests. But before we get into the details, we’d love to let you in on a little secret- most of these wardrobe additions will serve him on and off the golf course, so buckle up because now is the time to show off that stylish knack.

Have your man looking dapper when he hits the links in a breathable set from Kenny Flowers for the summer afternoons, or gear him up for the cold plays with a moisture repellant preppy PUMA vest jacket; he’ll thank you for this. Not big on playing dress-up? No problem, a black visor, and polaroid glasses will do the trick.

Personalized golf balls

He might have too many golf balls but not enough customized ones; trust us. Surprising your golf-loving partner with a customized golf ball crate will woo him for three reasons. First, you’re adding to his golf arsenal; second, he’ll find it easy to spot his balls from a mile away.

Here comes the third charm- who’d say no to a personalized touch? Golf balls will always make a practical gift choice because golfers lose their balls to swamps daily. However, if this sounds a tad bit too much for you, you could always use a custom golf ball marker to stamp the ones he already has.

Golf reads

While he works on his putt, work on adding to his library with the many fantastic golf reads. Build his collection with golf guides, books, journals, and memoirs from the best of the best. A worthy mention in this section is Tiger Woods, How I Play Golf.

If your man one is more of a historical guy, Forbidden Fairways, New York Times Personalized Golf History Book, and A Life Well Played by Arnold Palmer will have him hooked. Still, he doesn’t have to be a reader to score one of these iconic books, thanks to pieces like The Impossible Collection by George Peper that’d look equally exceptional as coffee table books.

Wind down gifts

It’s customary to break a bottle after a good play- just kidding, we made this up. Although, for the sake of good sportsmanship and post-game catch-up with friends, we’ll insist that you give your man a bottle of his favorite whisky, scotch, or beer pack so he can savor those wins and highlights with his mates.

Better yet, serve it in a great golf ball embedded decanter and glass for a unique, fun twist. Don’t sweat it if he’s not a drinker; a golf ball tumbler set for those hydrating non-alcoholic beverages will hit the spot. For smokers, smooth cigar packs should make up for everything.

Wrapping up

Gift shopping for men is tricky. Once you remove the cliche socks and mugs, you oscillate between the good old blasts from the past and Google’s must-have picks. While this may sound like a good start to some, it’s nothing more than a slippery slope to a bog-standard gift selection. Think about it, thousands if not millions of people have been where you are, so chances are you’re sifting your way through a stereotypical pool of male “adored” gifts.

If you’re looking to charm your man, that’s a no-go. Instead, look to lean towards something more thoughtful and interest-inspired like his favorite sports accessories and game gadgets, and before you ask- No, you needn’t have a clue about the sport. A practical gift guide and some heartfelt sentiments are all you’ll ever need.


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