How To Keep Your Pets Safe Around The Pool

Summer is in full swing and you might want to take a spin for a swimming session. Because it is a great way to enjoy the summer breeze, you might also want to take your pets along. However, it is necessary to teach your pets safe swimming manners to be healthy all summer long. To keep the furriest member of your family safe, you need to take some precautions. Let us look at some of the ways that will guarantee a safe environment and give you the best dip with your best friend.


Teach your pet how to swim

There are no affirmed figures, but it is estimated that around 5000 animals drown every year. This is a considerable number. Some animals know swimming by nature, while to some, it does not come naturally. Also, aquatic skills and the ability to swim directly depend on the breed. For example, bulldogs, pugs, basset hounds, and corgis cannot swim.

At the same time, some like Labrador, Retriever, American Water Spaniel, and the Portuguese Water Dog have strong and long legs, which are excellent for swimming. Extract some time and assess the comfort level of your pet in the water. You can also work on his dog-paddle moves. If you see that this is not making any key difference, you need some other safety measures such as:

  • Monitor your pet when he is near water

You won’t leave a young child around the pool without supervision. And, this applies to your pet too. You need to check his behavior and monitor how he reacts to it. Even pets who are proven swimmers and love the water can drown due to fatigue or disorientation. For this reason, you should use pool covers to create a trap. We have discussed pool safety covers in the point mentioned below, have a look.

  • Pool Safety Covers

Easy access to the pool makes it easy for your pet to jump and climb over the pool fence. To avoid such a situation, you need to install a pool safety cover. This will act as a great lifesaver. According to the experts at the custom-designed covers provide utmost protection and a safer environment. But remember, though the safety covers would protect your pooch from drowning, you need to choose one that ensures that your pet doesn’t entangle itself in it.  Also, do not forget to get a safety cover that can withstand the weight of your dog.

  • Pool Alarms

Pool alarms are one of the most precious tools available for the safety of your pool. You cannot be around the pool all the time. The pool alarms have a sensor that detects any movement in the collection in automatic sound. So when your pet enters the bank, you will get a sound alert. This way, you will know if your pet is taking any action.

These are some of the ways that you can adopt to safeguard your pet. Remember that protecting your pet from drowning is to layer your pool with the help of a safety cover. Also, do not forget to provide your pet with an emergency exit. At the same time, consider strengthening these steps by carrying out regular supervision.



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