How to Learn to Draw Like Picasso: Drawing Tips and Tricks

Studies suggest having a creative outlet in your life can improve mental health. Expressing your artistic side can increase happiness, make you smarter, and reduce dementia. As such, it’s important to have a creative hobby. Drawing is an easy and accessible artistic hobby to try. Want to learn how to draw like Picasso?

Pablo Picasso used pencil and paper to establish new artistic movements. His drawings, from the seemingly simple to the impossibly intricate, are a testament to creativity.

While you may not have been born with the innate talent of Picasso, it shouldn’t stop you from trying.

This guide will examine some easy tips to become artistic. Here’s how to learn to draw like Picasso.

Learn to Draw Like Picasso

Mentally Prepare

Picasso claimed “he can who thinks he can, and he can’t who thinks he can’t. This is an inexorable, indisputable law.”

This is sage knowledge from the master. Learning to draw begins with getting your mind right. You can’t begin by believing you are going to fail.

Everyone will learn to draw in different ways. Though you won’t share his talent, you must share Picasso’s philosophy. Prepare your mind to build a creative foundation.


How long does it take to learn how to draw?

The answer is different for everyone. However, regardless of skill level, everyone has to practice.

The more time you put towards drawing, the better you will become. Spend your free time doodling. When you start out, drawing a horse as well as other animals might seem difficult but, with enough practice, it will become second nature.

If you are just starting out, you might not realize what tools exist. Drawing is more than pencils. Check out everything that’s available for artists.

Consistent practice will improve your skills. Keep track of your work. You’ll be amazed at how your drawings improve over time.

Do Your Homework

Learning to draw is about more than hands-on practice. There is a huge amount of knowledge to glean from doing your homework.

You must research the works of other artists to understand the medium. Picasso wasn’t the only drawer in history. Da Vinci, Goya, and Dali all spent time sketching.

Books and museums will develop your artistic mind. This new knowledge will help you learn to draw.

Stand on the Shoulders of Masters

Picasso wasn’t short of knowledge to offer. He suggested that”bad artist copy, good artist steal.” This quote is not encouraging plagiarism in your work. Instead, it’s about taking ideas and making them your own.

There are centuries of art to draw inspiration from. Look at the styles of other artists for direction. Find an artistic movement that speaks to you. Use this inspiration to evolve your drawings.

With enough work, your drawings will formulate their own style. Learn to draw from the masters.

After all, Picasso didn’t create Cubism out of the blue, it was a development from the perspective of others.

How to Learn to Draw in Your Own Way

Everyone will take to drawing in their own ways. These tips will help how to learn to draw. Exercise these methods to build a solid foundation for creativity.

Before long, you may be drawing like Picasso.

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