How to Lose Face Fat Fast: Simple and Effective Tips to Slim Your Face

Eating food sure is fun but when you one day realize that your favorite shirt no longer fits you, things can go downhill pretty quickly. It’s very hard to lose weight for several reasons. One is the temptation to keep eating and the other being biological reasons. But the only thing more difficult than losing weight is losing weight from a particular part of your body such as your face. Let’s go over some tips on how to lose face fat.


How to Lose Face Fat Fast: Simple and Effective Tips to Slim Your Face


Performing certain facial exercises

Believe it or not but your facial muscles are more important than you think. Performing facial exercises regularly can help improve muscle strength, combat aging, and reduce fat on your face. A popular facial exercise involves puffing out your cheeks and blowing the air inside your mouth from one side to another.

Another one is smiling for a set amount of time with your teeth wide open. Although performing facial muscle exercises are good for your face, there is still some debate among the scientific community when it comes to talking about how to lose face fat.

Doing cardio

Contrary to what you might think, performing consistent cardio exercise every day can assist in losing fat in not only your body but also your face. Cardio exercises are physical exercises designed to increase your heart rate and help in losing weight very quickly. It is advisable to do cardio for about 150 minutes every week or around 20-25 minutes per day, for effective and quicker results.

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Stay hydrated

Everyone knows that water is the elixir of life without which humans cannot and will not survive. But studies have shown that drinking more water is not only beneficial for your health, but also for losing weight.

This is due to two reasons, one being that if you drink a lot of water at every meal you’ll feel full without actually consuming a whole lot of calories. Two is that drinking more water keeps you hydrated and boosts retention of bodily fluids which in turn ensures your face doesn’t get bloated.

Control your alcohol consumption

If you love drinking wine and beer multiple times every day then there’s some bad news for you. Alcohol consumption is one of the major culprits of facial bloating. It’s best if you ensure that you start swapping out your daily glass of wine for some other healthy substitute such as fruit juice.

At the very least, you should not exceed moderate drinking levels. Moderate drinking level for men is said to be 2 glasses of wine every day and for women, it’s said to be 1 glass of wine every day.

Cutting down on refined carb intake

Carbs in general are supposed to be a major factor in weight gain and obesity. Refined carbs are said to be a whole new ballpark. Refined carbs are stuff like cookies, pasta, or even noodles. They are processed food.

The problem with processed food is that all beneficial nutrients are removed during the manufacturing process. So there are no significant health benefits when eating such foods. It has been said to be a major player in most adults gaining belly fat. Although there remains debate on its impact on facial fat, cutting down on such products is still beneficial for your health and other parts of your body.

Get some sleep

Having a good sleep schedule is paramount to maintaining good health. Sleep deprivation has been shown to secrete hormones capable of generating weight gain. So get a good amount of sleep every day.

Facial fat can make your overall appearance look bloated but it’s by no means impossible to recover! Follow a strict regime and stay dedicated to get yourself back on track.


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How to Lose Face Fat

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