How To Maintain A Composite Deck

A composite deck is a modern and durable alternative flooring to traditional wood that can better withstand the elements of outdoor living space. They are resistant to breakage, water damage, and injury-causing splinters. It’s no wonder homeowners prefer it for its modest upkeeping properties.   

However, while this decking might not need as much maintenance as genuine wooden decking, it’s still an essential home upkeep task. Frequently sprucing up your deck can sustain its luster, authentic color, and high-quality condition and minimize environmental damage.   

Here’s how you can maintain your composite deck.   


  • Clean Your Deck 

Cleaning should be part of your regular deck preservation procedure to remove dust, dirt, and debris. Thus, you can begin your cleaning with a thorough sweep of any food, leaves, grass, and dirt patches leftover by a pet. It is necessary if you live in an area prone to ticks, as these rotting natural substances can be a suitable habitat for them to flourish.

Also, make sure your broom can reach in between the gaps of the deck boards during your cleaning. Otherwise, you can opt for using a putty knife to scrape through. If you struggle to dislodge dirt from the gaps, you can hire service experts such as Diamond Power Washers and other similar services. These services give you a more meticulous pressure washing-based cleaning service. It can ensure longer-lasting cleanliness where you won’t have to clean your deck for up to a few months manually.   


How To Maintain A Composite Deck


  • Keep Your Deck Dry 

Although most wood decking material can resist water seeping into the wood, it’s still ideal to keep your deck dry. You can do this by mopping up any standing water such as puddles after heavy rain and wet feet and dripping from anyone coming out of a swimming pool. It should also include any water hosed onto your deck during your cleaning.   

Additionally, you can keep water off your deck by shifting any downpipes that might be draining rainwater from your roof away. To reduce the moisture exposure, only place woven rugs and mats on your deck because the rubber or latex-backed ones can trap residue and water vapor on humid days. 

These steps are essential in preventing the buildup of decay and organic matter such as mold from sprouting. These are some of the biggest threats against maintaining your deck in the long term and can affect your family’s health.

  • Remove Stains And Marks 

If oil, grease, grime, and tar have left marks on your composite deck, you should remove these stains as soon as you notice them. Many of these spills come from using a barbecue grill or having a fire pit attached to your deck. Therefore, taking action can make the stains easier to scour off. With this, keep in mind that composite decks absorb heat immensely. Thus, your grills and fire pits should be placed a few inches above the wood to stop them from causing burn marks.   

Moreover, warm soapy water and a soft-bristled brush should be sufficient in lifting grease and oil off your floor. Tar washes away with a good stain remover solution product. Alternatively, you can use a mild detergent or multipurpose cleaner to scrub any stubborn stains.   

Try not to use soaps that are too harsh and contain chemicals as these can corrode the protective finish of your deck. If you’re trying to remove snow and ice during winter, only use ice melt or rock salt instead of sharp-edged tools like shovels because these can also damage your deck’s wooden coating.   


How To Maintain A Composite Deck



Composite decks have a reputation for being low maintenance due to their robust material and vinyl finish fortifying them against avoidable damage. With that said, it’s still vital that you take care of this flooring to avoid future problems that could end up being a costly replacement.   

Consequently, you can prolong the pleasing look and feel of your composite deck by cleaning it routinely with a broom, scrubbing brush, mop, and a hose. Never be afraid to call in some professional help to get any grime out between the planks if you can’t do it yourself. Stains can be removed with water filled with a gentle soapy solution.   

A tip to remember is to keep water and moisture off your deck by sweeping it off after rain and any backyard debris collected there. It is to deter environmental hazards from ruining the wood while safeguarding your household’s wellbeing. Following these maintenance tips can allow your deck to remain good as new for years to come.   


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