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How to Maintain Designer Wallpaper

Adding the elegance of your home with wallpapers is the best way to present your vibe to your guests. It is important to maintain the vibe for a long period. This can be achieved only by being gentle and caring with your wallpaper. That too, especially with the designer wallpaper, the printings matter for their beauty.

To show the elegant look of your designer wallpaper, you have to clean them once a month. But the process of cleaning is not so much harder, like whitewashing your painted walls. You can easily clean them with gentle handling. It is enough if you spend an hour cleaning your designer wallpapers. But you have to remember certain things while cleaning your wallpaper for its long-lasting durability.


Designer wallpaper

These types of wallpaper are created for the majestic and royal outlook of your place. You can prefer various styles of designer wallpaper and fix them for both living and workspace. Designer wallpapers are best at expressing your attitude. You can make your walls speak about you with these types of wallpapers.

Most of the designer wallpapers have metallic colour that changes the originality with the increase of dust level. The wallpaper has dedicated works on them, so it is important to handle them properly. You can easily maintain your wallpaper with the below tips:


Tips for cleaning designer wallpapers

Cleaning is generally done with water and added cleaning reagents. It can be effectively done by following three conditions.

  • Know your wallpaper

This is the first step when you initiate cleaning your designer wallpaper. Your cleaning mechanism must be suitable for your type of wallpaper. The mechanism of hand movements and pressure must not disturb the colour originality of the wallpaper. For example, the simple paper-based designer wallpaper must never be contacted with water. If you follow the comfortable method based on your type of wallpaper, it may look new for a long period.

  • Cleaning equipment and cleaners 

You can prefer a soft cleaning surface to clean your designer wallpaper. Always use white coloured soft materials to avoid colour markings. Using the very little amount of cleaning reagents overuse of cleaning reagents will result in fading. It is better to test your cleaners with patchwork before using it on your whole wallpaper. Don’t let the wallpaper remain with the solvent, and it may lead to extra wetness. Choose a hiding test spot for your patchwork may be under your baseboard.

  • Dry and rinse the wallpaper

This is where you have to be more precautious. You can’t spend more time after making it wet. Designer wallpapers have to be dried soon after rinsing. So always have two buckets, one with cleaner mixed water and the other with clean water. Have a dry cloth with you. Try to avoid the usage of excess water on the wallpaper. Consider cleaning it part wise and dry them immediately. You must properly suck the moisture with a dry cloth. If not, it may result in stickiness. Off you fan switches throughout this process.

  • Dusting

If you have a frequent cleaning habit, then mild dusting itself can maintain the bard new feel of your designer wallpaper for a long time. You can get involved in dusting with three methods.

Vacuum cleaner: this is the most effective and harmless technique that will result in long-term durability and an attractive appearance.

Floor brush: if you don’t have a vacuum cleaner, you can go with a floor brush. But remember to have a high manager with you and never allow the metal part to disturb the wall printings. A fluffy brush is safe for your wallpaper.

Clean cloth: this is the simplest way to dust within a few seconds. The material of the cloth matters with the gentleness toward your wallpaper.

Bottom line:

Remember that maintaining wallpaper is triple times easier than maintaining your wall paint. You can bring a completely new look after every effective cleaning.

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