How To Maintain Emerald Zoysia on a Smaller Lawn?

Most people think that the most difficulty that they face is in maintaining a smaller lawn. But professionals have the opinion that small lawns are easier to maintain. The time and effort taken to maintain the small lawn are less because of the size of the area. Here, we’ve put together some tips on how to maintain Emerald Zoysia on a smaller lawn.


Characteristics Of Emerald Zoysia

The Emerald Zoysia is a sod grass that has its origin in Georgia State. It is a combination of two species of Zoysia which look just like a mat and the blades are very thin at the tips.

How To Maintain Emerald Zoysia


Color, Density, and Thickness

The name of this sod grass comes from the color it possesses; it is just like an emerald. The texture is soft and delicate when touched. Also, the look of the grass is thick and very dense.

Tolerance To Drought, Weed, and Diseases

It has the quality to tolerate drought well but extended periods can cause extreme damage. As it is of thick density the possibility of weed growth is minimum and has good resistance to various diseases.

Ideal For Sunny Areas

If your lawn is in the front then most of the day you will experience a bright sunny day; so Emerald Zoysia in Atlanta is ideal to be laid in the sun.

Tips For Maintaining A Smaller Lawn

Now, you know about the characteristics of Emerald Zoysia; you will get great tips on how the sod grass can be maintained on a small lawn. The steps are easy and will take very little effort to maintain the lawn.

Knowledge of Emerald Zoysia Qualities

For the proper maintenance of the lawn, you have to know the qualities of the sod grass bought from companies like Atlanta Sod Farms that are already mentioned above. Many of the maintenance issues are solved if the right knowledge reaches you.

Utilizing The Most Appropriate Tools

The selection of the appropriate tools depends upon the size of the area. A small lawn doesn’t need a riding mower as maneuvering can be difficult. So a small hand-operated or fuel-powered mower can be best for small areas.

Landscaping Should Be Considered

Along the sod grass lawn owners can think of landscaping the corners with plants that not only look beautiful but also compliment the sod grass. But be careful not to overdo the decoration.

Know When To Apply Fertilizer

When you lay the sod you receive a lawn maintenance guide in which all maintenance aspects are discussed including the right time and quantity of fertilizer that have to be applied.

Correct Water Timing Of Sod Is Essential

The appropriate timing of watering the sod is during the early hours of the morning because water can evaporate during midday. Also, only 1 inch of water has to be applied once a week.

The Soil Properties Are Important

In order to maintain Emerald Zoysia on a smaller lawn, the soil in which the sod has to be laid should be compatible with each other. If something is lacking in the soil then first it has to be corrected and then sod has to be laid; otherwise, problems can develop.

Look Out For Sod Grass Problems

Although Emerald Zoysia is fully resistant to weed and diseases; but circumstances develop when various diseases, insects, and pests ruin the sod. So it is best that weekly you inspect the lawn for problems.


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