How to Make a Macrame Plant Hanger for Your Greenery

Are you looking to hang some of your plants at home?

The boom in home gardening piqued people’s interest in different types of plant hangers. The options range from macrame to metal frame hangers and woven baskets to air plant holders.

What if you can’t find a hanging planter suited for your style? The answer is to make your own. Read below and learn how to make a DIY macrame plant hanger.


Making the Main Knot

Prepare the materials for building a macrame plant hanger. Get a thin rope or twine at least 25 feet long. You’ll cut it later to about 8 feet long to make one standard planter.

You may also use polyester, jute rope, or a Macrame cord as an alternative. View this 3mm macrame cord made of 100% pure premium cotton.

Make sure the rope is not too thick to ensure proper knotting. Get some carabiners and a pair of scissors.


ra 3 1 Macrame Plant Hanger


Cut the rope into three sections, each one measuring about 8 feet long. Cut each strand a bit longer for more leeway to adjust.

Hold the three pieces of rope together and shoot them through the carabiner’s opening. Continue pulling the rope pieces until you reach midway. Fold the three to make six individual strands.

Tie a knot below the carabiner using all the strands. Hold everything with one hand and use the other to loop the carabiner around them. Pull it to complete the knot.

Knotting rope can be tricky because you need to hold them firmly together while getting the knot as close to the carabiner as possible.

ra 1 2 Macrame Plant Hanger


Tying the Macrame Plant Hanger Strands

Place the strands on a table and lay them out flat. Divide the strands into three groups of two to make three pairs.

Attach each pair from the top knot. The attachment should be 18 inches down from the top. Loop the first pair to make a not around each other and do the same thing with the remaining ones.

Be mindful of each knot. It should have the same length to ensure the macrame plant hanger’s consistent height.

Get the 2nd, 3rd,4th, and 5th strands and tie them together about 5 inches below the knots. These strands will create the planter’s middle part. Join the 1st and 6th strands together to complete the pattern.

Fold the 1st strand to the 6th one while letting it pass across the other strands. Tie the two strands and make the final knot using all strands. The knot should be 6 inches below the pattern.

Check the tightness of the knot to ensure the planter won’t fall. Install the hook or nail into the wall and place your plant inside the hanger. Hang your carabiner and enjoy your indoor or outdoor plants.

Spruce up your DIY rope macrame plant hanger to complement the health benefits of the plants. Use a few pieces of colored rope to add more character. Energize your plant pots with some acrylic paint.


ra 2 2 Macrame Plant Hanger


Learn More Interesting Projects Now

Making a DIY macrame plant hanger is easy if you follow the steps above. You can also inject your designs using different rope types or painting the strands.

Discover more projects you can do at home. Check out our other articles for more ideas.

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