How to Make an Open Plan Living Room Kitchen Feel Cozy

Have you been looking at your open-plan kitchen and living room and wondering what to do? It’s a common conundrum. Open plan living room kitchens are in a lot of apartments and yet are often forgotten in design magazines. In this article, we’ll show you how to make an open-plan living room and kitchen feel cozy and inviting.

We’ll discuss tips for creating a comfortable atmosphere, including using color, furniture, and lighting. We’ll also share some ideas for decorating an open-plan space in a way that fits your personality and style. Ready to start changing your living room and kitchen into the cozy space you’ve always wanted? Read on!


Add a breakfast bar

Every kitchen needs a communal area. If your open-plan living room and the kitchen don’t have a dining table involved, it should at least have a breakfast bar. Open plan living room and kitchen arrangements are typically a result of a small space, so a breakfast bar will allow you to simultaneously separate the kitchen from the living room while allowing for a communal space to eat and cook at. Plus, it offers a little more counter space around the kitchen.

Besides, it’s a great place for guests. Who doesn’t love girls’ night sharing a bottle of wine around the counter? You can find lots of kitchen and living room furniture options here to get started.


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Aim for warm tones

There are a lot of fun colors going about when it comes to kitchens right now. People are giving their cabinets a makeover with a lick of paint, and now the rules are out the window of what you can put in a kitchen.

Pink fridges and retro turquoise are all back, but if the goal is to make your kitchen and living room feel cozy, you’ll want to stick to the first rule of color coding: warm tones are the reds, oranges, and yellows in this world, or one of the rest with a warm undertone. Purple can be warm if its undertone is closer to red than blue, so think wine rather than lavender or forest green rather than turquoise.

You might also want to make your living room and kitchen cohesive. It’s up to you whether you symbolically separate the room with your color schemes or blend everything together. In that case, warm tones will work well for you as you can keep both rooms cozy.


How to Make an Open Plan Living Room Kitchen Feel Cozy


Think about your lighting

An open-plan living room and the kitchen is going to have different lighting needs. By day, that’s simple. Getting as much natural light into both rooms is important for elevating the look and warmth of the room, so you’ll want to look into light curtains that allow the light in. This is especially useful if it’s a small space because you’ll have the natural light making the room look bigger.

But at night, mood lighting takes over. In a living room, you’ll want to layer lamps of various sizes and wattages to create a warm atmosphere, but in the kitchen, you might want to look into extra lighting beyond the big light in the room.

Under cabinet lighting and floor lighting are popular choices in the kitchen and depending on how you get them installed, they can be very affordable. Smart lights today only switch on when you walk past them, so you don’t need to pull the entire family out of their movie to get a drink from the fridge.

How to Make an Open Plan Living Room Kitchen Feel Cozy



This open space can be your sanctuary but only when you lay out some of the most important questions before making this move. For example, do you want to make the very place your loved ones hang out and share their stories? If so, then it is time to rethink this space.

With these tips in mind, however, you can now make an open-plan living room kitchen feel cozy. Just remember that strong design principles could affect how people see your new living room setup! Also, add a few well-placed plants and enjoy lingering time with family and friends in this newly remodeled area.


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