How to Make Paint Dry Fast

As a matter of fact, the paint dying process takes more time than the painting does. And sitting down for hours to watch the paint dry on their own takes a lot of patience. If you’re short on time and want the paint to dry fast, there are several ways, such as using fans opening the windows for more airflow to help you.

However, there’s no such way to effortlessly dry a newly painted room or a big canvas full of paints in a short time. But the professionals did come up with ways to fasten the process and save time.

In order to shorten the drying process, you can read our article to learn some easy ways and get the color drying job done in less time.

How Long Does It Take to Dry Paints?

How to Make Paint Dry Fast


Time varies from type to type of paints to let them dry on the canvas. A paint can look lighter or darker, and it depends on the drying time. The drying time varies due to temperature, paint types, and other factors. Ideally, it takes 2 to 6 hours with an average temperature.

How to Dry Paint Fast?

Most people nowadays lean toward DIY methods; it’s common to see people painting on their own rather than hiring professionals. Diy painting process saves your money, time, and effort.

But waiting for the color coats to dry naturally may take a little longer than expected. Applying some easy steps can help you cut down the whole long process. Here we’ve talked about some tricks to dry the color coats faster for different paint types.

How to Dry Art Paints Fast?

 How to Make Paint Dry Fast


You can either be working with art paints or wall paints for your project. More than a hundred types of paints are available for painters to use. Depending on the color type, the techniques you can adopt to dry your paint are:

Acrylic Paints

Acrylic paint’s most noticeable feature is its versatility that it shows both in pigment quality and after-effects on the canvas. It’s also one of the most used paint types among artists. Usually, acrylics don’t take much time to dry. The estimated time these types of paints take to dry is between 15-30 minutes.

But the question is, how much time difference should it be before applying the 2nd layer of color coat? Professional artists suggest to wait for 2 hours after you’ve applied the first layer of paint. To speed up the drying process, you can use these methods:

  • Use a dryer maintaining a fair amount of distance of 20-24 inches above the canvas surface.
  • Try to choose a place with proper ventilation. Ventilation of a room also influences the drying time of acrylics other than thermal conditions.
  • You can also place a heat lamp above or near the canvas to dry the colors faster.

Oil Paints

The slow drying time is considered both a positive and negative trait for oil paints. Slow timing allows the painter to apply and prepare the changes they want to make in the oil painting.

However, to accelerate the time to oil paint dry fast here’s what you can do:

  • You can mix an adequate amount of turpentine with oil color to maintain the consistency in thicken that dries in less time.
  • Expose the paint in the sun and let it dry from the direct heat in less time.
  • Although it’s a bit professional and needs a lot of practice, you can consider applying the initial layer using acrylics as the drying time is a lot less than oil paints.


Probably watercolour somewhat dries faster than the other types. As it’s entirely water-based, a hair-dryer is the best equipment that can help you to dry the color faster. Make sure to hold the hairdryer 10-12 inches above from canvas.

Another way you can apply is by absorbing the extra water from the canvas or paper using a dry paintbrush. The hard layer of water takes time to dry, so it’s better to remove the liquid and lessen the drying time.

Fabric Paints

Fabric paints are not only for painting on the clothes. Nowadays, they are also used on papers and canvas randomly. But the negative part of applying fabric color is, it can take up to 3 days to dry and settle on the canvas.

So what can possibly cut down three days to less time? You can apply these methods:

  • Use a sunny location to apply the fabric color so the direct heat can help to dry the colors.
  • If you’re painting clothes, then consider placing cardboard. A cardboard piece beneath the clothing can help to reduce the color spread and extra coats of color.


How to Dry Interior Paints Fast?

How to Make Paint Dry Fast


Let’s talk about how you can dry the freshly painted wall of your home in a short time. We’ve gathered some professional techniques for you:

Light Coat

The thinner the color coat you apply, the faster it will dry. Rather than going for one thick layer of color on the wall, it’s better to use multiple thin layers. Applying several thin color coats also brings versatile and uniform outlooks.

One Wall At a Time

One might think that applying colors to all the walls at the same time can save your time. The truth is, working on all the walls together can only slow down the drying process. Professional painters Hawaii suggests that you focus on one wall at a time, giving the rest of the walls time to dry.

Drying Equipment

Using heat lamps or a hairdryer is one of the best and easiest ways to chase the paint drying duration. Just keep in mind to hold the dryer or heat lamp from a safe distance.


Few Tips for Beginners

Till now, we’ve talked about the ways you can apply to dry pants fast. Apart from knowing the methods, one should also learn tips and tricks as a beginner.

  • Always choose places with more airflow and ventilation to paint or use color.
  • If you have a dehumidifier, you can place it where you’ll paint. Decreasing the humidity also allows paints to dry fast.
  • Fast-drying paints or 100% water-based non-PVC paints are also an alternate option that you can switch for less time-consuming.
  • Instead of using paintbrushes, consider using a spray gun to spread the color on your canvas. The thickness of each paint layer can be easily maintained by using a color spray gun.


Final Word

And here we are at the very end! While there are many easy ways available online, these are some of the easiest ways that actually fasten the drying process.

Different colors come with individual bases, which act differently in optimal temperature. Following any given methods for specified paints, you can finish your painting project in less time.

You can also share your methods or comments on our article in the below box without any hesitation.

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