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How to Make your Bathroom a Perfect Luxury Master Bath

While any remodeling project requires careful planning and well-thought-out ideas, remodeling the master bath presents unique challenges. A few things must be considered long before beginning the project, but with some planning and know-how, having the luxury bath of your dreams can be an affordable reality.


Proper Planning is Essential

Designing the perfect master bath is a big undertaking with plenty of opportunities for things to go off track. Begin by taking a moment to consider the function of the space. Yes, it’s a bathroom, so we all know what the primary function of the area will be, but different households use the room in different ways.

Does it serve as a space for quiet reflection? Is it a gathering space for morning or evening tooth brushing? Creating a beautiful area with hardwood and marble vanity may be easier than you think.

While the perfect luxury bath may look different depending on the resident’s needs, some common themes should always be a part of any bathroom remodel. While plumbing and drains are not something that most people want to give considerable thought to, they are things to consider as far as the layout is concerned.

Placing the sink, shower, and toilet along a single wall will help keep the cost down, but carefully consider if this is the look and feel you want.


bathroom with a view black marble Perfect Luxury Master Bath


Making the Sink and Vanity the Centerpiece

The sink area is perhaps the most important in the entire bathroom, and this means that important decisions must be made about the look and functionality.

Maybe a big, marble vanity, with a double sink providing plenty of space for toothbrushes, facial towels, and other needed family supplies, would be perfect. Today’s units are made of beautiful poplar hardwood and often include plenty of drawer space to keep the attractive sink area organized.

Outfitting the tub area presents many choices as well. Some individuals will love the refined look and feel of a walk-in waterfall shower. These specialty showerheads provide a relaxing, spa-like experience that even saves water. At the same time, some families might get more use out of installing a rejuvenating whirlpool bathtub. These tubs are an excellent investment and can improve the quality of your sleep.


18 small bathroom flooring expose quatrefoil tiles Perfect Luxury Master Bath


Important Flooring Considerations

Flooring choices also present some attractive options. With the overabundance of moisture that will be present in this room, durability is an absolute must. While both porcelain and ceramic tile are the classic choices, many homeowners today opt to go in a different direction. Due to its waterproof nature and relative cost-effectiveness, vinyl plant flooring is making some serious gains in this space.

Natural stone is also an increasingly popular choice for luxury bath remodels. While it is incredibly durable and aesthetically-pleasing, natural stone can be expensive to install. Still, an investment in natural stone flooring will maintain its resale value very well.


How to Make your Bathroom a Perfect Luxury Master Bath


While the other choices presented here will work perfectly well for a damp area like a bathroom, there are some materials that would not function nearly as well. Many homeowners love the look and richness of hardwood but, in a wet bathroom, the wood will eventually warp and rot. Plush carpeting can be another poor choice due to its long drying time and tendency to collect mold.

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