How to Make Your Bed (The Right Way!)

You’ve probably been making your bed the same way since you were a child. You probably don’t even think about how you make your bed; you just do it every morning.

It may seem like there isn’t a “right” way to actually make a bed. However, the way your bed is made can set the whole tone for the rest of the day.

If you’re not sure how to make your bed the right way, keep reading for a great guide.


Strip Your Bed

The most important step in bed-making is to start with a clean slate. This means stripping all of the pillows, blankets, and sheets off of your bed.

One of the best cleaning tips is not to throw your bedding on the ground.

This can lead to your pillows and duvet becoming dirty, and picking up dust that will then end up on your bed. Instead, place your bedding on a desk or chair in the meantime.

Layer Your Sheets

Next, you’re going to place the fitted sheet over your mattress.

Fitted sheets can be a bit of a pain to put on. The easiest way to do this is to pace the sheets over one corner and then place the corner diagonally across on the mattress. You can then place the remaining two corners on the mattress.

After your fitted sheet is placed on your bed, you can add your top sheet to the bed. Your top sheet should end a few inches from the top of your bed, allowing you to easily slip in and out of your sheets.

Placing Your Comforter or Duvet

Next, you’re going to add your comforter over your freshly placed sheets. There are a few different ways to make a bed, depending on the look you want.

Place your comforter on your bed, making sure that there is enough material to hang evenly on both sides of the mattress, as well as the foot of the bed. Your comforter should lay evenly at the top of your bed.

You could leave your comforter flat, or for more texture and a cozier feel, you could fold the top of your comforter down a few inches. This will make your bed look dynamic and also show a peek at the crisp sheets underneath.

Add Your Pillows

Next, you’re going to place your pillows at the center of your bed. The best way to do this is to place the larger pillows at the back and layer the smaller pillows in the front.

One of the best tips for making a bed is that you should also have an odd number of pillows. This creates a balance between your sleeping and decorative pillows.

Be sure to fluff and “chop” your pillows before placing them back on your bed.

Decorative Throw Blanket

Finally, you’re going to want to add a decorative throw blanket to the end of your bed. You can also use any functional blanket you use at night.

Depending on your preference, you can fold the blanket to lay across the foot of the bed. Similarly, you can carefully place it across the lower corner of your bed allowing some of the blanket to drape off the sides.


Why You Should Know How to Make Your Bed

Though it’s muscle memory at this point, everyone can use a refresher on the right way to make a bed.

Knowing how to make your bed is one of the best ways to keep your room looking clean, warm, and cozy. It also helps you feel motivated and ready for the day.

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