How To Make Your Business More Accessible to the Physically Challenged?

According to reports from the WHO, people with disabilities account for 15% of the global population. This is more than 1 billion people living with one disability or the other. Despite these mind-blowing figures, physically challenged people still find it difficult to move, socialize, integrate, and do business in this modern age. They are the least favorite when it comes to getting employment or political office, making them the most neglected group in our society today.


How Your Business Can Make a Difference?

To fix this challenge, a more accessible and inclusive environment needs to be created by all businesses and societies. Creating an accessible environment is more than just the physical en movement of the physically challenged; it also involves their mental health and accessibility to information.

In this article, we will provide you with tips on how you can be helpful by making your business more accessible to the physically challenged.


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  • Employing Physically Challenged People

Getting a job is one of the most difficult things to achieve for physically challenged people. They tend to be stigmatized in job interviews, with hiring managers assuming they are not equal to the task.

Physically challenged people are highly motivated and capable of performing tasks, sometimes even better than the fully abled. It is believed they are also good at working under pressure. Employing them will be a good way to boost your business productivity and sales.

  • Make a Safe Working Environment for Them

Like everyone on earth, physically challenged people need a safe and conducive environment to be effective and efficient. As a business owner, it is your responsibility to create such an environment to ensure they are safe and protected in your organization.

Installing a chair lift for disabled people is one of the best ways of creating a more accessible working environment. When such equipment is installed in every staircase in your organization, it will make it easier for disabled people to move around your establishment, increasing patronage.

  • Improve Access to All Digital Properties

Most disabled people have the money to spend, but how to spend it is usually the issue. Your website and mobile application are platforms where physically challenged people tend to make first contact with your business.

So, these platforms must be user-friendly and easily accessible. Creating a physically challenged access digital platform makes your business more inclusive and increases product sales.

  • Seek Council from People Living With Disabilities

You must seek advice if you want to make your business more appreciative of people with disabilities. It is wrong to assume/decide what is right or wrong for disabled people without seeking their advice.

So, for effective decision-making, employ the services of a physically challenged consultant or human resource manager. Note that if you make any wrong decisions regarding people with disabilities, it will damage the reputation of your business and brand.

Bottom Line

Making your business more accessible for physically challenged people is the best way to show that you care and value their input in society.

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