How to Make Your Commercial Property More Environmentally-Friendly

Generally speaking, commercial properties were not very eco-friendly due to their large size and complex operations. However, business owners are focussing more and more on environmentally-friendly services to make their commercial space environmentally friendly and safe for employees, clients, and business associates. Using sustainable materials is often the first step to reduce pollution and creating a safe, green commercial site.

The right materials can also improve the energy efficiency of your commercial property, helping you save on utility costs. From natural lighting to recycled materials, there are plenty of ways to bring down your utility costs and create a sustainable building that offers long-term benefits. Here are a few ways to make your property more environment-friendly.


LED and Natural Lights

The easiest and most effective way to go green in your commercial building is to installing natural and energy-efficient lighting. LED light bulbs have become a great alternative to incandescent lighting. Not only does this help you save on your utility bills, but LED lights can also enhance productivity in the workplace.

You should also focus more on creating open spaces and large windows so that your employees get sufficient natural light. LED and other smart lighting technology can save you up to 75% in energy used.


Untitled design 10 Make Your Commercial Property More Environmentally-Friendly


Try Dual Plumbing System

The dual plumbing system has become another common trend among the eco-conscious. As the name suggests, this involves a separate plumbing unit for drinking water and another for water for irrigation and other plumbing applications. The plumbing is divided into reclaimed water and potable water. The latter is used for drinking purposes only, while reclaimed water is considered safe and free of bacteria, but it is used for non-drinking purposes.

A dual plumbing system is a sustainable option – it saves water and creates a healthy workplace environment. However, it is often not a viable option for startups and small-scale companies, since it can be very costly. There are other similar ways to conserve water without having to install a dual plumbing unit. For example, you can try installing a rainwater barrel collection to conserve water.

Install Green Roofing

Have you ever thought about a rooftop garden? If you are planning to go green with your commercial property, don’t forget to make changes to your roof. A green roof offers plenty of ecological benefits as well as being aesthetically pleasing. A green environment is always appreciated, especially in commercial buildings.

Employees will love to see a rooftop garden at work. Rooftop gardens also offer environmental benefits, such as purifying the atmosphere around your building by absorbing carbon dioxide. In addition to promoting biodiversity, green roofing can save on your utility costs by regulating the temperature inside the building.

Green roofing doesn’t just have environmental benefits, but it also extends the lifespan of your roof by making it strong enough to tolerate extreme weather and temperature fluctuations. Consider this low-maintenance and eco-friendly option for your property and make your business environment friendly.


How to Make Your Commercial Property More Environmentally-Friendly


Invest in Commercial Cleaning

Commercial cleaning doesn’t mean mopping the floors and dusting every regularly. Instead, it is a comprehensive process that involves thorough cleaning and sanitization. You should use microfiber cloths for dusting windows, doors, walls, tables, and office furniture regularly.

To keep your property both clean and eco-friendly, hire a cleaning company that uses eco-friendly cleaning supplies while still offering thorough cleaning services. Only a professional cleaner will pay attention to those hard-to-reach surfaces and clean every corner of your building. Cleaning is better left to a professional cleaner that specializes in commercial cleaning.

Invest in Smart Technology

Smart technology is widely used in residential buildings because of its many benefits. Even commercial business owners are now embracing smart technology to create eco-friendly and sustainable spaces. Using smart HVAC units can help you save significantly on your utility bills. Similarly, smart technology includes tools that help you keep track of your energy usage, thus reducing your utility bills.

A Passive Solar Design

Solar panels have become a great addition to any commercial or residential space. Their energy-saving benefits make solar systems a reliable choice for your building. However, not every business has the budget to install and maintain solar panels, which is why they use its alternative instead. If you meet certain requirements for size, location, walls, windows, and other factors in your commercial building, it could be a good idea to invest in a passive solar design.

If you have the budget for a solar panel, there isn’t a better way to make your business eco-friendly and sustainable. Consider using solar panels to increase the returns on your investment and create an environment-friendly space.


How to Make Your Commercial Property More Environmentally-Friendly


Final Thoughts

As we are moving from traditional approaches towards a greener and healthier business model, the above-listed techniques will help you achieve your sustainability goals. From sustainable materials to eco-friendly practices, these smart idea are the perfect solutions for commercial buildings.

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