How to Make Your Home More Family-Oriented 

Spending quality time with your family is essential for building strong bonds. Make your home a place of rest, comfort, and happiness. The school, office, and the world can’t give you the comfort you deserve, but your home can. If you want an accommodating home, involve all of your family members in your decisions. Continue reading to learn how to make your home more family-oriented.

The key elements of a healthy home are the relationships between family members and how the home is run. A family that shares values stays together. You should work hard and learn how to make your home more family-oriented to enjoy a peaceful co-existence between family members.

Here are home improvements you can make that will allow you to spend more time with your family.


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Why Is Family Time So Important?

Work, school, friends, and after-work activities are some of the countless things that take away from the ability to spend more time with your family. Time spent with family is better for building a strong bond between family members and serves as an escape from daily hustles, stress, and other life demands. Looking to spend more time with your family? Consider the following benefits of family time:

  •  Improved communication skills. Children learn good communication skills by imitating how their parents interact with other people. How parents interact with each other also impacts whether their kids act positively or negatively. Parents who spend time with their children have a high chance of molding their behaviors since they will note any change and act on them.
  • Better academic performances. According to a study by, children from families that spend time together with perform well in their studies compared to kids from homes with absentee parents. A present parent will assist children with school homework and guide them accordingly.
  • Helps build self-esteem. Parents will learn their kids’ strengths and weaknesses while spending time with them. They will also feel appreciated and open up to their parents by asking questions and seeking guidance. All of these changes will contribute to your child’s raised self-esteem and confidence. However, we can’t deny that some children come from broken families who have undergone the divorce process. These kids need to grow and enjoy life with either parent. Trauma that comes with separation can be cured by offering counseling services to such children.
  • 4. Children learn social skills. Adolescence comes with many challenges and confusion. Parents should spare time to guide their children on how to behave and mostly which vices to avoid. Spend more time with your family so you know how to make your home more family-oriented along with the guidelines you offer to your children.


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Add Features to Your Kitchen

Everyone wants a kitchen space that is pleasing to all family members while sharing a meal. A kitchen is also an area where you teach your kids how to cook, serve, and clean up. Regardless of the activity, you can add the following features to your kitchen.

  • Try different counter heights. Make kitchen cabinets and countertops that the small and big family members can assess. You could teach your kids how to make pizza, or your kids could eat pizza delivery by sitting at low counter heights.
  • Have a kitchen color that is appealing to every member. Your favorite color may not be what every family member’s like. Have a kitchen color that is favorable to almost every member. Or paint the four corners differently to accommodate them all. An outsider may not see the reason why you do all that stuff, but it’s up to you to know how to make your home more family-oriented so you can spend more time with your family.
  • Include safety features. A family-oriented kitchen should be a haven for every member. Make lockable cabinets to store knives, chemicals, and any other kitchen equipment that can harm a baby or child. Have a small stepstool to prevent small babies from falling in case they climb them. Also, ensure your doors and cabinets have a slow-moving hedge to avoid hurting fingers.
  • A well-lit kitchen. A family kitchen should be well lit and organized. Have spacious windows for air circulation and light. Additionally, the lighting system should be friendly to everyone and not be too bright or dull. Also, to avoid kitchen accidents, have your sockets and lighting installation done by an expert.


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Remodel Your Living Room

A living room is a versatile space in the whole house. Friends, visitors, and distant relatives are welcomed in the living room. Family members meet to talk, watch a movie, play games, and bond in the living room.

However, you can add the following touches to spice up your space to accommodate each family member.

  • Room expansion. A spacious living room is every person’s desire, more so if plan to spend more time with your family in it. You can expand your room by knocking down walls and enlarging them. However, you can also declutter the area by removing unnecessary items to create space. A bigger space will accommodate many seats and a free area to move around. You may also need a piano space for that family member(s) who like playing them. However, after purchasing, hire a professional piano mover to carry it to your home. Pianos are delicate, and thus should be handled with care.
  • Have a safe floor. It’s a nice idea to have an all-family accommodating floor. For instance, before having a baby, you had sliding ceramic tiles. Now that you have a new member who’s more likely to slide and fall, you need to change the tiles or have a carpet. Every corner of the house should be baby-friendly, including their feeding equipment such as cups, spoons, and plates should be safe for them. Most parents use a baby sippy cup to give formula or milk to young babies. However, the continuous use of such cups can lead to improper teeth and jaw development.
  • Install big windows. A living room should have enough natural light all day long. It’s for living; thus, every family member may be present in the same area simultaneously. It’s time to install big windows for air circulation and enough lighting. Observing such simple measures gives you confidence on how to make your home more family-oriented so you can spend more time with your family in the living room.
  • Choose an appropriate color. Settle for a color palette that will favor all family members. Spend more time with your family in your upgraded living room.
  • Re-consider your layout. A new layout can help you create space and a new look. Move your furniture around until you settle for the right layout. The fireplace and TV area should guide you since they are the center places.

Add Décor to Your Dining Room

Just because you are a family person doesn’t mean your dining room should look dull and undecorated. You need that elegant coffee table and cute flower vase. However, it takes a lot of considerations before beautifying your home and learning how to make your home more family-oriented.

  • Choose a good color scheme. Color brings harmony and cohesiveness to your dining space. So, choose a color that is in adjacent areas. Children like tearing things, so if you want to wallpaper, make sure it’s not hanging.
  • Select the right furniture. Select chairs and a dining table that fits the whole family. Many parents prefer wooden tables since they don’t have sharp edges that can harm children. If you have limited space, go for round tables. Additionally, wooden tables are easy to clean and can accommodate any dirt. Chose the number of chairs according to the size of the family. You can also mix and match them to suit every member.
  • Add personality. Your dining room should represent your personality and the likes of all family members. The accessories used and artwork should go in line with the family’s hobbies. Make the room appealing to accommodate the children’s interests too. Look for accessories in the shopping center near you.
  • Choose the right lighting. A beautifully lit dining room makes that area an awesome place for every family member. Choose chandeliers that complement the room shape. Lighting is crucial in a dining room. However, avoid downlights directly over the dining seats to reduce dark shadows on family members’ faces while eating dinner.


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Upgrade Your Basement

Most homeowners avoid remodeling their basements. The area is dark, cluttered, and left alone to cater to other work. However, they shouldn’t be left out. That space is large and can be used for various purposes. Whatever you decide to do, it should be a way of how to make your home more family-oriented.

  • Make it a music room. A basement can be a good music room if your children enjoy music. Put soundproof material on the wall and ceiling to avoid annoying whoever is upstairs.
  • Make it a guest room. At times, you may feel uncomfortable having your guests occupy upstairs rooms with the entire family. Your visitors need privacy too, and having them spend the night in their quiet place can be a good idea. You need to warm the room to make your guests comfortable. Therefore, you need heating installation and air conditioning. In case your system fails, you can engage heating and air conditioning repair experts.
  • Make it a gym or game room. The basement is cool, thus good for a gym or yoga room. It is also spacious to fit a pool, poker, and ping pong tables. The area is also quiet; thus, you won’t face any distractions from the main house. Enjoy a game of darts while you spend more time with your family.
  • Construct a home theater. The dark and quiet environment makes the basement a perfect home theatre area. Look for sofas with cool colors to harmonize the space.


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Consider Adding a Deck and a Pool to Your Backyard

Some people take time, and others make a quick decision regarding having a swimming pool in their compound. Children enjoy having a pool in their home since they can swim at any time without any limitations. Construct a pool with lots of caution, look for residential pool construction services as you look into above ground and in ground pools.

The following are reasons why you need a pool in your compound.

  • Spend time with family. A pool encourages family members to stay together and enjoy quality time with each other. It also encourages children to learn new swimming skills in the comfort of their homes.
  • For relaxation purposes. You can spend more time with your family by relaxing alongside your pool. A good swim will also help relieve stress and calm their mind. You can also spice your pool by adding a pool heater to get a hot water swim.
  • Help save family expenses. A pool in your compound will help you save some money that family members would use to seek such services. With the facility in your compound, you won’t spend any transport cost to a place with a pool.


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On the other hand, having a deck is a means of how to make your home more family-oriented. Decks provide the following benefits.

  • A good area for outdoors. At times you don’t feel like staying outside, but a deck will inspire you to sit down outside and relax. A deck is a nice place to enjoy sunlight, cool air, and soothing winds. The feeling helps to lower stress levels for you and your family.
  • Beautifies a home. You can place potted plants or beautiful flower vases on a deck. However, you can make a deck with an in-built planter or place accessories and decorative sculptures on its top side.
  • Increases home space. Decks increase space in your home. For instance, during warm months, family members can use a deck area while eating, holding meetings, and enjoying nature. The space beneath the deck can be used to store unused items.

Work together and upgrade your home so you can spend more time with your family in enjoyable spaces. Consider these tips as you upgrade your home to be more family-oriented.


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