How to Make Your Home Safer: A Guide For Homeowners

The security of a person’s home and their family is obviously a high priority for most, but just how safe is your home? Most people have a burglar alarm fitted, and that is it, but there are a number of different ways that you can use to make your home safer. Your home is your sanctuary; it is a place where you should always be and feel safe.

Read on for some tips on how to make your home safer.


How Good is Your Current Home Security?

Evaluating the efficacy of your home security is the first step to improving it. As well as simply opportunistic burglars, there are criminals who scope out a property beforehand, making a planned break-in when you aren’t home. It is therefore important that you minimize any point of weakness in your home security system.

You should start by asking yourself if it is obvious when you aren’t home. Are there any points of entry that aren’t secure? Do all windows and doors have visible locks on them? Do you have a spare key that is easily found or accessed? Is the property itself easily accessed? Are there any outbuildings such as sheds or garages that aren’t secured properly?


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Top Tips to Make Your Home Safer

There are some things that everyone should be doing to ensure that they are taking their safety seriously. Firstly, never leave windows open or unlocked when you aren’t home. All windows should be secured before leaving the house. Your doors and door frames should be solid to minimize the possibility that someone could kick them in. Finally, consider fitting a chain or a viewer into your door so that you do not have to open the door to strangers.

Is your yard burglar-proof? Do you have foliage or bushes that someone could hide in? If so, consider trimming that back. Do you have gravel or paving slabs? Gravel is louder, so if someone does decide to trespass, it is more likely that they will be heard. There is also something called defensive gardening, whereby you grow plants with thorns or irritants that would put someone off if they were to consider climbing into them.

Some people choose to display their security alarm certification. Or make their security alarm boxes visible. Some people even choose to buy fake security alarm boxes to act as a preventive measure. Of course, having a dog in the home can also be helpful; the breed doesn’t necessarily matter. It is the barking that would put would-be burglars off.


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Must-Have Features

One of the best things you can do is to secure the perimeter of your home properly. This means high fences that are difficult to climb over. A lot of people are also choosing to install security gates to make their property even less impenetrable. If you are considering automatic gate installation and are based in Texas, you should look into Texas Gate Repair; their work has won awards and is certified to use sustainable design features.

Lighting is also extremely important. Outside lighting is a must; lights triggered by movement are an excellent deterrent for burglars and are worth investing in. Fit them to the front and back of your property. Inside the home, you may wish to invest in lighting timers, these turn on and off lights within your home, giving the illusion that someone is always in.

Finally, more and more people are choosing to install CCTV cameras onto the exterior of their homes. They are another excellent deterrent when visible to wannabe thieves. If you are considering installing these, it is important that you ensure there are no blind spots and that they are not easily accessed by those who would seek to disable them.

Lastly, there is also the option to reinforce any glass that a burglar could easily access and break to gain entry into the property. These could be windows or even glass panels on doors. Again, you would likely need a specialist to do this as it is a complex DIY project that requires a certain level of expertise. However, reinforcing the glass makes it harder and louder to break, meaning that any perpetrator is unlikely to hang around after causing a ruckus and failing to gain entry.


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Other Considerations

Ensuring that your home is safe doesn’t simply mean making it safe from other people. In addition to maximizing your home security, you should also look to ensure that your home adheres to other recommended safety regulations. For example, do you have working carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide detectors? Does your smoke alarm work? Have you had your boiler or air conditioning serviced recently? There are other safety considerations you need to make to ensure that your home is safe for yourself and your family.

In Conclusion

It may also be worth reminding you that in your quest to make your home secure, you also want to make sure this won’t impede any escape attempts during an emergency. Preparedness is the best tool in your arsenal when it comes to keeping yourself and your family safe; this includes having the right insurance in place just in case something does go wrong.

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