How to Make Your House as Eco-friendly as Possible

Climate change is one of the main threats the earth is currently experiencing which is why there have been international agreements put in place to reduce emissions. The latest agreement was the COP-26 summit which had a strong emphasis on individuals reducing their carbon footprint.

40% of UK emissions come from households according to the latest figures which make this an area with plenty of room for improvement. Fortunately, there are a large number of ways that we can make our homes eco-friendlier and reduce the emissions caused by our houses.

Here are some of the best ways to make your house as eco-friendly as possible.

Energy-efficient lightbulbs (LED)

These lightbulbs are a great way to reduce carbon dioxide emissions from your home without suffering from a lower quality of lighting. These LED bulbs use roughly 50% less energy than normal bulbs which means you’ll be using less electricity to power them, therefore, reducing the number of emissions emitted.

Plus you’ll enjoy lower electricity prices which may be important due to the ongoing increase in household energy prices.

Smart meter

If you’re someone that loves to put their radiators on, then you may want to know exactly how much energy they are using. It can be easy during the winter months to leave the heating on all day but when you have a smart meter, you can programme your heating to only come on at specific points of the day.

This will in turn, reduce your energy output making your house eco-friendlier.

Solar panels

An essential feature for any eco-friendly home. This alternative energy supply will give your home clean electricity that in some cases, you may be able to sell back to the national grid.

Solar panels aren’t cheap however and can take up to 20 years for you to break even on your energy bills but you can sleep easy knowing your energy is healthier than most.


Insulating your home can be a cost-effective method to making your house more eco-friendly. Good insulation allows heat to stay trapped in your home for longer, therefore, reducing the length of time your heating needs to be on.

Your new insulation can come in many forms including within walls or your roof as well as glazing windows or placing rugs on hardwood floors. Keep the heat in and cut the emissions down with insulation.

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