How to Organize a Child’s Small Bedroom

Just like adults, children too need an organized space to call their own. The space available should be both functional and fun for your children to enjoy despite the size. Arranging small rooms can be tricky because you want the room not to feel overwhelmed by everything. Wondering how to organize a child’s small bedroom? Here are some ideas to guide you.


Consider the Layout of the Bedroom

As you organize your child’s bedroom, one of the most significant factors to consider is the layout. It will determine which elements can go into the room. As you put furniture, you will have to leave enough space for movement. If placing specific furniture like shelves makes it difficult for one to navigate the room, consider removing them or putting up something smaller.

Your child does not want to have a hard time squeezing around small spaces to get through no matter how wonderful the items are. Smaller bedrooms should be organized in such a way that accessing the wardrobes or desks is not difficult.

Your child should also be able to open and close wardrobe doors freely. It may seem like a good idea to cram items together to save space, but you will end up inconveniencing your child.

Additionally, place items in a way that you can minimize accidents. Get electricians to place light switches and plug sockets that won’t get in the child’s way. Ensure any repairs to be done, like desk or door repair, are taken care of to avoid accidents.

how to organize a child's small bedroom


Paint the Room a Neutral Color With a Fun Theme in Mind

If you’re wondering how to organize a child’s small bedroom, start by making it thematic. Carefully pick out a neutral color that will go with the theme you have settled on. Small rooms can easily get overwhelmed when you use shouting colors. Colors like beige, ivory, and gray can go with any theme, making them the ideal choice.

Think back to a favorite show that you enjoyed as a child. Your child also has something of their own. Therefore, you will want to turn the room into something that represents their favorite show, sports, or toy. It can either be a sport like archery or a superhero movie that excites your child.

It is essential to involve your child in the process since this is their room anyway. Ask them what they would like to add to the room. They can even accompany you to the store in picking a paint or wallpaper. That gives them a sense of ownership where they feel the room is genuinely theirs.


Consider a Lofted Bed for Additional Floor Space

Another way on how to organize a child’s small bedroom is by using a loft bed to maximize space. If you do not have enough liquid cash for this project, consider refinancing your existing home mortgage to get some cash. Here are some ideas you can use under the space of your child’s loft bed:

  • Set up a station where your kids can do their homework.
  • Use the space as a play area for the children.
  • Get a rug, a beanbag, a bookcase, and a little reading nuke for your little reader.
  • It is also an ideal space that your kids can use for their storage needs. They can put their toys or tools used in school.
  • Get a cozy hammock and hang it there for the kids to have fun.
  • You can also add additional beds below for when your kids’ friends or other young family members come for sleepovers.
  • Put a couch where your child can relax while working on their laptop or hanging out with friends.
  • You can simply put a rug and let your kids decide what to do with that space.

Note that a loft bed is only suitable for children above the age of six. They can be dangerous, so you will want your child to be mature enough to use them.

how to organize a child's small bedroom


Keep Furniture Minimal

This is also another way on how to organize a child’s small bedroom. Your child will need more moving space and less furniture, hence best to invest in multi-use furniture. Factor in the space for your child’s bedroom size, then pick out only the relevant furniture and try to maximize the space you have. If you have two kids sharing a room, then use bunk beds. Use the space you wanted to place the other bed for a desk.

The space underneath can also be used for storage. Remember that kids are clumsy, and they get distracted most of the time. So, you want them to have as much space as possible to move around without knocking something accidentally. Instead of getting standalone drawers, how about a bed with drawers underneath to organize clothes or other items?

Rather than bringing in a shelf, take advantage of vertical storage and build shelves on your wall. Depending on your child’s age and height, you can place items they use daily on lower shelves and decorative elements on top shelves.

Organize Supplies and Toys with Handy Cubbies

Using handy cubbies is also an effective way on how you can organize your child’s small bedroom. You will need to declutter first. Whatever the kids are not using anymore you can donate to a children’s home. Cubbies are an effective and strategic solution, making it easier for kids to pick up after themselves and organize the toys once playtime is over.

Go for cute designs that blend with your kid’s room. Start by grouping all the supplies and toys depending on what goes where. Build a bookcase that is low enough for your kids to reach. You can even place a bench on top as an aesthetic.

Arrange bins inside the shelves and label them, whether they are for home care medical supplies, tools for schools, or toys. One advantage with cubbies is that they come in multiple designs. You can therefore get one that suits your kids’ style. You can label the cubbies based on what goes inside each one.

how to organize a child's small bedroom


Utilize Natural Light and Hang Mirrors to Make the Room Appear Bigger

Light is crucial for kids because it helps their minds work best. Utilizing natural light to make the room bigger and brighter is one of the ways on how to organize a child’s small bedroom. Brighten things up by placing a mirror opposite or next to a window. It will illuminate the sun and increase the amount of natural light coming into the room. The bigger the mirror, the brighter the kids’ room will be.

Mirrors create the illusion that a room is bigger than it is. They can deflect one’s attention from the fact that a room is small. If there is something like a tree blocking natural light from reaching your child’s room, you can trim it or hire tree trimming services to do it for you. Shades tend to block natural light, which can make your child’s room dark even during the day.

Find Fun Decorations That Adhere to the Bedroom’s Theme

Fun decorations are also among the ways on how you can organize a child’s small bedroom. Vinyl stickers and wall hangings are simple and can be used on neutral walls. As your child grows with evolving interests, you can easily replace them with something different.

Paint one wall with chalkboard paint and inspire creativity in your child. Cushions have become a trendy decorative accessory and are very effective for adding style to any space.

For your child’s room, use shaped cushions. They are decorative, and your child can also play with them. They come in several shapes and designs like the moon, stars, and emojis. Fluorescent stickers are also decorative and can help a child who is afraid of the dark.

They come in several shapes like flowers, moon, stars, and you can place them on the wall or the ceiling. Another decorative item you can use is a bean bag. This is a fun accessory for the child, and they can even take it to different rooms in the house and sit there comfortably.

how to organize a child's small bedroom


Think about Temperature and Comfort

For your child to be productive and comfortable, their room has to be comfortable, too. When thinking of how to organize a child’s small bedroom, you should think of making the bedroom a comfortable space. You can get air purifiers, as they refresh stale air, reducing chances of health issues like respiratory infections.

Pollutants can affect how your child sleeps by triggering allergens that can cause sneezing and nose congestion. A night of interrupted sleep will affect your child’s productivity during the day, and they might not be able to concentrate in class. An air purifier will solve that for you.

You can also contact an air conditioning contractor to install a unit in your child’s bedroom. If you are worried about the cost, you can always turn it off when your kid is not in the room. However, remember to turn it on a few hours before your kids sleep for the room to adjust to the temperature. The good thing is that, nowadays, you can control your HVAC system even when you are not at home by using your phone.

Clean and Organize Your Child’s Bathroom Space

Wondering how to organize a child’s small bedroom and its attached bathroom? Start by cleaning and arranging the bathroom. A child’s bathroom can get messy very fast. You will find dirty towels stacked somewhere in a corner and essentials like toothpaste left on the sink. You have to create a room where the kids can easily organize and tidy up after themselves.

Make use of hanging baskets where you can store necessities like toothpaste and shampoo. If multiple kids share the bathroom, make it tiered with each kid having their own for their supplies. Ensure all the kids can reach the essentials easily. Install shelving for the kid’s essentials and belongings. You can even put a cute name tag for each child under their respective shelves.

Hooks for the towel come in handy. When each child has a hook for their towel, they can easily grab it and put it back once they are done. Add some step stools for the smaller kids to reach the countertop easily.

If there is space, get a bathroom hamper or bin where the children can throw in dirty clothes. Have bathroom granite countertops installed in your child’s bedroom since they are easy to clean and go with most bathroom styles.

how to organize a child's small bedroom


Put a Peg Rail Above the Bed

With small rooms, you have to maximize wall spaces and keep the floor as open as possible. This is one of the ways on how to organize a child’s small bedroom. Commonly, you will find stickers and wall art on the space above the wall. However, you can double it up as an extra storage space by fixing a peg rail over it. Your kid can hang their jackets or bags there, and they can grab them easily when going to school.

Limit a Wallpaper to One Side of the Wall

There are so many options to go for when choosing a wallpaper for your child’s small bedroom. It is okay to love wallpapers with bright or bold patterns. However, remember that you do not want the room to look too busy and overwhelming.

Get that adorable bright wallpaper but limit it to one wall and ground it with furniture of subtle color in front. Keep the rest of the room simple in contrast with the wallpaper to have a balanced scheme. Get some decorative elements that match the wallpaper and place them in other parts of the room.

There are many ways on how to organize a child’s small bedroom and avoid clutter. Factor in all of the functions the kids will have for the room. As you do that, involve your child in this process if they are of age. At the end of the day, the room is theirs, and they will need a place that they are comfortable. Remember to teach the kids to be responsible and clean after themselves every day.




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