How to Pick a Good Water Heater

Every home needs a heating and cooling system based on its requirements. Water heaters and air conditioners are some of the essential energy needs of a house, but they also contribute to some of the most significant utility expenses.

Before buying a water heater, it’s essential to carry out some basic findings to make the right choice. These may include reading reviews of the best water heaters and checking the overall ratings of different products in the market, among other things.

In the end, your final decision will depend on several factors. This article looks at some of the critical things you need to consider before paying for a new water heater.


1. Type

There are different types of water heaters, so you have to consider your home demand while choosing one. The conventional storage water heaters have tanks (or reservoirs) that store hot water for household use.

The water is stored in a tank at a high temperature, and you can get it in your taps whenever you need it. One of the problems with this type of heater is that you will have to wait for a while when water finishes in the tank before you get hot water again. Also, keeping water in the tank at a constant high temperature will lead to increased energy costs.

The tankless water heaters are the opposite of the conventional storage ones. This water heater is designed to heat the water temperature that runs through it. So, you can get water anytime you want, and you wouldn’t need a tank.

Water heaters use heat from the surroundings to raise the water temperature coming out of the pipes. For example, the heat from your AC blowing hot air will be extracted and used to heat the water in the lines. These types of water heaters are called heat pump water heaters.

Solar water heaters help homeowners save energy costs by using the heat from the sun to boil water. 

There is also another type known as the tankless coil water heater, and it utilizes the heat from your home’s heating system to perform its functions.

There are several types of water heaters in the market, so you need to know what you want and the kind that fits your home before buying.

2. Source of Energy

Now that you know how different water heaters work, the next thing to consider is what makes them work. A water heater’s energy source affects your energy consumption and total utility bill. Common sources of energy for water heaters include electricity, fuel, geothermal energy, natural gas, propane, and the sun.

Electricity and fuels can power almost all types of water heaters. Geothermal energy is explicitly used for water heaters designed with a specific heat pump system. A geothermal heat pump system can utilize the power of your AC blowing hot air to heat water in your pipes. 

Natural gas and propane are not as common as electricity or fuel, but they are also used to power water heaters in different parts of the country. As you may have guessed, solar energy is used strictly for solar water heaters.

3. Size

Minimalist designs are the new trend, and you might not want anything that takes up so much space in your house. If you live alone, you will not require a large-size heater. 

So you also need to confirm the size and capacity you intend to buy to ensure that it meets your needs before you purchase.

4. Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is another factor that must be considered before picking a water heater. Low-efficiency heaters will incur high bills and cause wastage of energy.

To avoid incurring high bills, it would help if you look out for the energy efficiency ratings before buying. These days, the ratings are attached to the appliances, and you can check before making a purchase.

4. Cost

After you have narrowed down your list of suitable water heaters, the last factor to consider in your decision-making process is the cost. Before searching for a water heater, you most likely had a budget. Now is the time to find a water heater that falls within your budget range.

You should know that an expensive device doesn’t always guarantee excellent quality. So, you need to make a price comparison and ensure you are paying the actual value for the water heater you have chosen.



There are several factors to consider while picking a good water heater. Whether it uses fuel, electricity, solar, or heat from your AC blowing air, ensure that you use the guide given above to make a selection that best suits your needs.

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