How to Plan a Birthday Party at Home for Kids

When it comes to how to plan a birthday party at home, there are a lot of things to consider, and you may not know where to start. However, the process doesn’t have to be overly complicated. To make things easier, we’ve come up with a helpful list to get you started so that you can focus on the fun details instead of being stressed out about the little things.



1. Pick a Theme and a Date

Firstly, when considering how to plan a birthday party at home, you’ll need to pick out the right date and a theme. If you are a busy parent, you can check the online listings of birthday parties and things to do with kids at parties to take some pressure off!

Usually, weekends are best, and if your child’s birthday falls during the week instead, you can always do something small for their birthday and save the big party for the weekend. So long as your child gets cake, friends, and presents, they’re not going to be too concerned about the dates. If you’re looking for a fun and festive birthday party that your kids can enjoy without leaving the house, an igloo party tent is a perfect solution! This party tent is easy to set up, and your kids will have a blast spending the day inside. Just gather some supplies and you’re good to go.

When it comes to picking a theme, you can choose something that your child really enjoys, such as a favorite superhero, game, movie, or TV show. If your child wants to be involved in the process, you can even ask them what theme they’d like to have. Unless you’re planning a surprise party, you can always ask your child for input so that they can have a say in the theme that they’d like best.


How to Plan a Birthday Party at Home for Kids


2. Sent Out Party Invitations

Once you have the date and the theme chosen, try to send out invitations as soon as possible so that everyone has a heads-up about when the party is going to be. This will give family members time to plan ahead if they need to take time off or travel for the party. Similarly, it will give all the guests time to plan presents so that they don’t have to run out and do any last-minute shopping.

If you want, you could even add what your child is interested in on the invitation so that guests know what kinds of gifts to look for. This can help make it easier for guests who may not know first-hand what your child likes. It can also ensure that they’re not going to buy something that you know your child will never use.

3. Consider Catering the Event With Healthy Options

Although kids love cake and sweet treats, you’ll want to make sure that those aren’t the only options you provide for your party. This doesn’t mean that you have to go all-in with celery sticks and fruit cups, but having healthy options available will ensure that everyone has something nutritious to eat, instead of just cake and cookies.

Additionally, if any of your guests have food allergies, you should make a note of that well in advance to ensure that no accidents happen on the day of your party. For instance, if a guest has a nut allergy, make sure that nothing with nuts is easily accessible. If you plan on having food with nuts, make sure that they are well labeled and prepared so that no cross-contamination can occur.


How to Plan a Birthday Party at Home for Kids


4. Ensure Your Home Is Ready to Host

When it comes to considering how to plan a birthday party at home, you should also consider if your home is ready to host. For instance, if your AC or water heater is on the fritz, you may not want to have guests over until they are repaired.

AC repair will be especially important if you’re planning a party in the summer. Water heater repair may be less important than AC, but it can still put a damper on things if your home doesn’t have any hot water. This is especially true if you’re planning on having guests sleeping over who may need to shower or even wash their hands.

5. Rent Proper Furniture for the Occasion

Another part of learning how to plan a birthday party at home includes renting extra furniture that you may need. For example, if you know that you have several guests coming and will need extra tables and chairs, you can rent them to ensure that everyone has adequate seating. Similarly, you may want to include a step stool in the bathroom to ensure that smaller kids can reach the faucet to wash their hands.

If you’re wondering how to plan a birthday at home outside, you could also rent tents if you want to provide shade for guests to sit under. However, if you don’t have the space for this, you could even consider placing extra chairs and tables in the garage to create a refuge away from the sun.


How to Plan a Birthday Party at Home for Kids


6. Who’s Baking the Cake?

Considering the cake is another crucial part of learning how to plan a birthday party at home. While some people prefer ordering a cake from a local bakery, others may wish to bake one themselves.

If you opt to create one yourself, you’ll want to first make sure that you have all of the necessary appliances to do so correctly. You’ll also want to make sure that you know about any specific allergies before baking them to ensure that you don’t use anything that could trigger someone.

If you do opt to order a cake from a bakery, you’ll want to make sure that the order is in well before the day of the party to give the bakers time to do the job without rushing. Some bakeries even allow for custom cake printing, so you could bring in an image your child drew or an image that suits the theme of the party and have the bakery print it on the cake.

However, as with baking the cake yourself, you’ll also want to alert the staff to any allergies, and you may even consider having them bake a separate cake for those who may be sensitive to certain ingredients.

7. Ensure Your Property Is Safe

When learning how to plan a birthday party at home, you’ll also want to consider safety, especially when it comes to children. Premises liability refers to the liability of the homeowner if someone is injured on their property. If an injury occurs, this may mean that the injured party could sue you for negligence if it’s proven that their injury was caused by something you should have taken care of.

To make your home as safe as possible, consider allocating a specific space where guests can go. For instance, if you have weight sets or exercise equipment in your home that could injure children who mess around with them, make sure to keep guests away from that space.

You should also make sure that your lawn care is up-to-date and that any hazards are taken care of. This can include removing any weeds that might be dangerous, fixing broken pavers that could trip people, and making sure that any dead trees aren’t at risk of falling on someone. A landscaping company can help you get your lawn into shape quickly, and they can point out any areas that they think may pose a hazard.


How to Plan a Birthday Party at Home for Kids


8. Pave Your Driveway So It Can Become a Canvas

If you have an older driveway, it can become cracked over time due to exposure to the weather and from being driven on repeatedly. One fun thing you can do is re-pave your driveway so that the kids can either paint or draw with chalk on it.

Eco-safe paint that washes away easily is great for giving kids a creative outlet during the party, and it can keep them occupied for a long time. If you don’t want to use paint, chalk can be an easy alternative and it is something that all children love playing with.

A paving company can quickly and easily re-pave your old driveway and turn it into a blank canvas for your younger guests, giving them hours of entertainment during the party.

9. Arrange the Food and Snacks In the Garage If It’s Hot Outside

Your garage can also play a role when considering how to plan a birthday party at home. For instance, if you’re planning on hosting the majority of the party outside, consider storing the food inside your garage to prevent it from becoming too hot.

While this may require some cleaning on your part before the party — since many people use garages for storage more often than not — once cleaned, it can be a great oasis out of the sun.

If your garage is older, you may also want to consider replacing your garage door opener before your party date. Old openers can be faulty and prone to unreliability. Worse, some without sensors can even be a safety hazard as they don’t stop and reverse if someone is in the way.

This can be especially dangerous if you have a lot of children going in and out. Make sure that your garage is up to the task, and if not, you may want to consider renting a tent, as mentioned above.


10. Set Up a Space for Adults to Socialize

While the party may be for your child, they will most likely be wrapped up with friends and activities for the majority of the day. This gives the adult guests a good chance to relax and socialize while the kids have fun. Make sure to take into account the comfort of your adult guests when considering how to plan a birthday party at home.

You should consider creating a space for adults that is easily accessible to the kids but out of the way of their playspace. You’ll still want to be within eyesight so you can ensure that everyone is safe, or you can designate someone to be the official overseer of the children’s activities while the adults mingle in their own space.

Patios are a great choice for this, especially if they are covered. While the kids will be content to paint or draw in the driveway or run around in the yard, the adults can relax in the shade. If you have time before your party date, you should consider sprucing up your patio space, especially since it’s something that you can use even after the party is finished.


Birthday Party 6 Plan a Birthday Party


Finally, Have Fun!

Although the planning process can seem like a lot, it’s important to remember that the purpose of the party is to have fun. While it’s important that your child has the most fun, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t enjoy the day as well.

By following these 10 tips, you can streamline your planning process by using it to create a checklist of everything that you need to do beforehand. With this, you’ll be less likely to need to rush anything and can instead take your time and make the most of your planning process.

Similarly, when it comes to the day of the party, make sure that you have a checklist of all the events and activities that you want to take place. For instance, if you want to open gifts at a specific time followed by cake, make a note of that so that you can tell your guests when they can expect these activities. By having everything planned out, you can expect much less stress than if you were trying to wing everything as it comes.

Overall, when it comes to how to plan a birthday party at home, the main goal isn’t perfection. Don’t sweat the little things. Instead, focus on the things you can do to make the party the best it can be for your child, your guests, and yourself. With all of this in mind, you can host an unforgettable party that will be a lasting happy memory in everyone’s minds.


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