How to Plan a Wedding: A Stress-Free Guide

Planning your wedding is supposed to be fun, not stressful. Everyone has some dream to follow for their wedding right? But they also have some budget. Here in this post, you will get the best tactics for a budget-friendly, affordable guide. Everything will go without stress. Just follow the 9 tactics given below.

Just got engaged? Congratulations… There are many who might tell you that planning a wedding can be stressful, overwhelming, and expensive. Here you will find stress free guide to planning your wedding. Yes, stress-free planning for a wedding is possible.

There are many resources that are available to help you plan your wedding, but all have sophisticated and unsure information on where to start and from where to not. It might also be possible that you might start considering the unsolicited advice for weddings from your family and friends.

Just go through the 9 tactics mentioned in this article and plan it without any stress. Here we go…


1. DayDream About Your Wedding

It is sure that you and your partner have already planned the way you need to get married. You and your partner might have visited one of your friend’s weddings which is simple and you have thought that it’s not of your kind. Same way, you might have visited someone’s wedding which is near the lakeside and you have thought to do it in the same way.

When starting with the planning for your wedding, the first thing you should do is to ask yourself what type of wedding are you interested in. Is should be small or big? It should be simple or grand? Classical or traditional? And many more things. Below are some of the most important things that you need to decide while planning for your wedding. The most important thing that you have to decide are mentioned below.

  • Location
  • Theme
  • Colour
  • Food
  • Activities

In this way, you can get to know each other thoughts.


How to Plan a Wedding: A Stress-Free Guide


2. Prepare a Checklist

Preparing the checklist of the things you need to do must has the topmost priority. You need to create a checklist of your marriage month-by-month. All the things that should be done or known are included in this checklist. You need to add multiple things to it such as things to be bought, invitation cards, guests, and many more things. Also, you can create Koozies for Wedding and customize them as per your liking.


How to Plan a Wedding: A Stress-Free Guide


3. Set Your Budget

Now, the time comes when you need to get realistic. You need to check and set the budget for your wedding by taking a look at the funds and savings that you have for your wedding. It can be stressful to set your budget but you have to try to make wise financial decisions. You can do the following things,

  • Take a clear look at your savings
  • Start saving from the day you start preparing
  • Add all the savings and funds you have


How to Plan a Wedding: A Stress-Free Guide


4. Select The Wedding Date

You must select and decide your wedding date as soon as possible after your engagement. This must be decided quite early so that you can reach out to must-attend family functions and check out the availability of the nearest ones. You have to select a date which can work for everyone in your relatives and friends. You might be knowing that at the time of weekends most of the venues are pre-booked hence you have to decide your wedding date as early as possible.

5. Build Your Guest List

Take your time, create a list of guests that you are willing to invite to your wedding. If you are building a list of guests for a small wedding then it can be different than creating a list for a big wedding. Here we have provided a list of a few things that you need to make your process smooth.

  • You must create a list and write down the name of the people you are willing to invite.
  • Track your guest’s name through a spreadsheet.
  • You need to manage the request for a guest list from the family.
  • Create different categories, one for absolutely want guests and another is from extended family and friends.


How to Plan a Wedding: A Stress-Free Guide


6. Select Wedding Venue

The selection of a venue for the wedding can be stressful. You need to decide where you would like to get married, the venue for other events, and the venue for receptions. Below I have mentioned some of the popular wedding venues.

  • Barn/farm/ranch
  • Hotel/resort
  • Beach
  • Rustic/vintage
  • Brewery/winery/vineyard
  • Outdoor
  • Garden/park

7. Decide the Theme for the Wedding

If you are willing to have a great wedding, then you have to decide the theme for multiple functions for your family and close friends. Here are multiple themes from which you can choose,

  • Romantic
  • Formal
  • Colourful
  • Rustic
  • Nature-inspired and many more…


How to Plan a Wedding: A Stress-Free Guide
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8. Select Your Wedding Invitations

As soon as you save the dates you need to select the invitation cards that you need to send o your family, friends and guests. It is usual that you can send the cards within 2 to 3 weeks but getting your cards ready before will not harm anything. There are many ways to select your invitations such as paperless Post, Greenvelope, and even.

9. Search For Vendors

The number of vendors you need to hire will depend on multiple factors including the styles and locations. You need the following vendors if you are planning a wedding for yourself.

  • Musician for the ceremony
  • Officiant
  • DJ/band for the reception
  • Florist
  • Photographer
  • Hair/makeup
  • Videographer
  • Catering service


How to Plan a Wedding: A Stress-Free Guide


Just Engaged? Plan Your Wedding Now!

Just engaged? Then start planning your wedding now. Make sure that this guide might not be covered with all the tactics that you need to cover for your wedding, as there are many things that can be done as per your caste and family rituals. Be sure to stay up to date with planning your wedding also go through the points mentioned above so that you can have a checklist for your wedding. I hope that the tips I have mentioned are useful to you.

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