How to Prepare for a Major Property Renovation

So, you’re planning to renovate? Amazing! Property renovation can be such an exciting process, allowing you to create the space of your dreams and be creative with your design. But, preparation is key to a smoothly running renovation. 

Making sure that you have a really concrete plan regarding your desires, and the process of your renovation that you can communicate securely to your contractor is essential to make sure that you can create the ideal space with as few hitches as possible.



Budgeting is not a fun process for anyone, and everyone knows that with property renovation there can often be budgeting setbacks, meaning that a project can sometimes cost more than you expect. When considering a major property renovation’s budget, make sure that you have the margins to have a little extra cash in case any changes need to be made or problems are encountered.

Research some projects that have been similar to your own and what they eventually cost. Knowing the possibilities will keep you from having a nasty surprise!

Communicate your budget clearly to your contractor early on in the renovation process, and let them know aspects of the process which are most important to you. If a beautiful, modern kitchen is what you most envision, let them know that this is one area of the budget that you would be most willing to spend more on.


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Get Ready for a Mess

A major renovation process is going to cause a lot of mess and rubbish. An essential part of your preparation process is figuring out a plan of action to get rid of this waste so as to make sure it doesn’t get in the way of the renovation. This could really slow down renovation if you don’t have an outline of where waste is going to go.

Waste Connections, a dumpster service Charlotte-based, is an ideal company for such a situation, offering waste and recycling removal services as well as rental options for dumpsters. Having a dumpster on site from a company like this can be the best thing for a property renovation, creating a stress-free process once your renovation begins. They also offer a range of sizes for all your waste needs.

Where Will You Live?

Something really important to organize before you begin your property renovation is where you are going to be living during the process. Often these big renovations can take a long time, so try to find somewhere comfortable where you’re going to be happy to stay for a while.

A rental property might be your best option or a family member or friend who would be happy to put you up for a long stretch of time. You will want to be somewhere close to your property so that you can easily check in on the progress of the renovation, but make sure that you prepare yourself to possibly stay away from your home for longer than you had expected. Major renovation projects can change quickly and take longer than first thought, so keep this in mind when finding a place to stay.


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Move Your Stuff

With a big renovation project, your personal belongings can’t be getting in the way. Not only will this slow the process down if you’re moving your stuff while the renovation is taking place, but you also run the risk of furniture and other belongings getting damaged.

Finding a storage unit nearby is often a good solution—a place that you can easily get access to in order to move belongings in and out as the renovation continues. A friend or family member with storage of their own, such as a basement or garage, is also ideal and may save you valuable money in an expensive renovation process.

Communicate with Your Contractor

Finding a reliable contractor is a vital step in preparing for your property renovation. Find someone who has been reviewed well, who fits well with your budget, and who you can communicate with easily and smoothly. Make sure that you have multiple ways of contacting your contractor, including an email address and a mobile number, so that you can stay updated on all the steps of your renovation if you are away from the site.

Lay out your plans with the renovation team as early as possible, and try to make as few personal changes as possible. If there has to be a change to your living situation, waste disposal, or furniture storage, your contractor is the first person to tell. Clear routes of communication will be the backbone of your renovation process.

Preparing well is a must to make your renovation process really easy. When a lot is on the line – money, your home, your creative vision – don’t skimp on planning. You’ll minimize the risk of mistakes and extra expenses the more that you research, pre-plan and communicate. So, get prepping to make sure you have a positive experience during your property renovation!


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