How to Prevent a Home Break In: A Guide

Every year in the U.S. there are roughly 1.2 million burglaries with an average loss of $2,799 in valuables. To make matters worse, a third of all burglaries are repeat offenses. This means that if your home was invaded before, it could happen again. It also means that two-thirds of burglaries are new cases, making the chances that a burglar might consider robbing your home rise every day. Fortunately, you don’t have to be a victim. There are steps you can take to preventing a home break in from ever happening to you. This guide will tell you how, so read on to know how to keep your family safe.


Take Common Sense Precautions

When casing a house, burglars look for the path of least resistance. Some common things burglars look for include:

  1. Windows and doors that are routinely left open
  2. Guard dogs
  3. Security systems
  4. Bushes and dense foliage they can hide in
  5. Cameras

Make sure you always lock your doors and windows when you leave the house to go to work since burglars want to rob empty houses.

Keep grass and shrubs low to prevent theft, especially doors and bedroom windows, and minimize the number of trees on your property. These can provide cover for thieves, so don’t make it easier for them to get closer to your home.


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Dogs are Great for Protecting Against a Home Break In

One of the most reliable home security tips is keeping a dog on your property.

Dogs will bark and/or bite intruders, alerting you and your neighbors to their presence as well as making burglars leave evidence at the crime scene. This is especially good news considering that police don’t usually catch burglars.

If you really want to know how to improve your home security, leave a dog in your house during the day so someone is always on guard.

Get a Professional Security System

Dogs are great at preventing theft, but they’re not perfect.

A dog is likely to bark at the mailman and any random person walking by your home.

Plus, a dog also won’t be able to tell you if the same person has been near your house several times.

Home security systems solve all of these problems, since having one requires installing cameras with 24/7 support and monitoring.

You could install security cameras yourself, but professional services know more about this since they’ve been protecting homes around the country for years.

Professional security system teams also bring specialized knowledge that will keep you safe since the best ones have been securing homes around the country for years.

Always Remain Vigilant

As a hard-working, law-abiding citizen, you don’t need to go through the trauma of a home break-in.

While it is true that you will need to keep a keen eye out for suspicious circumstances around your home there are teams of professionals waiting to help provide you and your family with the safety and comfort you deserve.

You should always consult a professional about the best, most appropriate home security systems for you. Feel free to browse around the rest of this section for some more home tips.



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