How To Protect Wood Stairs From Scratch

Wood symbolises nature and, of course, aristocracy to its apex. That is why we notice wooden stairs in almost every modern and luxurious building. However, wood staircases demand more care than most others. Overlooking it might get you scratched stair steps— not to mention how it will affect the elegance of your interior.


So, what to do? How to protect wooden stairs from scratch? Let’s find out.


Useful Tips On How To Protect Wood Stairs From Scratch

Wooden stairs are sensitive. Different weather has different influences on the wood’s sustainability and reliability. However, with regular maintenance, wood stairs may last longer than expected. Also, you can prevent getting scratches even after using them for a longer period.

For any bespoke staircases London, getting unwanted scratches is a nightmare. Not only does it represents your carelessness but ruins the integrity of the iconic structure. Below are some useful ways you can protect bespoke wooden staircase from unwanted scratch—


How To Protect Wood Stairs From Scratch?


1.   Take Extra Caution During Installation

Stay alert during installation. Don’t make a mess in the first place. Ask your installer to be very cautious during the measurement and fitting of your new staircase. Woods tend to get scratches more easily and it might go deep if hit by any sharp object. As the installation process requires using of sharp equipment, keep an eye so that they don’t fall on the steps and leave marks on them.

2.   Be Careful With Cleaning

Wooden stairs demand more attention during cleaning. Whether it’s a regular clean-up or periodic maintenance, use adequate cleaning essentials to avoid unnecessary stains or discoloring. Many staircase owners ask for a scratch removal service during the first few months of installation mostly caused by careless cleaning practices. So, be careful with cleaning materials and equipment used.

3.   Clean Regularly

Another dominant reason why most wooden staircases get scratches and stains is irregular cleaning. Keeping your staircase unattended for months will result in dust build-up. Eventually, it comes to the moisture in the room and helps mold to grow up.

So, maintain a regular cleaning schedule of your wooden staircase if you don’t want a scratch on it. However, don’t wait for the next cleaning schedule if there is too much dust already. Clean it immediately. Well, you may leave it for a day or two, but, never ever leave any water spill on wooden staircases. The timber will soak it up degrading the material and promoting mold growth later on.

4.   Prevent Mold Build-Up

Regularly cleaning can prevent mold build-up. However, you may still notice mold on your wooden staircases if the weather is extremely damp. If you are experiencing such weather, make no mistake in taking precautionary measures. Otherwise, your stylish staircase will turn into faded and colorless steps of timber— losing the glamour it had once.

5.   Add An Extra Layer Of Protection

An extra layer of protection on your wooden staircase is always a brilliant idea. It could be a carpet or something similar. Having this extra layer will prevent direct contact with external objects with the timber stairs.

So, your staircase is now protected from dust, moisture, and even the friction shoes may have on them. But don’t forget to clean the carpet periodically so the dust slid underneath does not harm the texture.

6.   Be Careful On Shoe Damage

Most of the scratches that the wooden staircase gets come from the shoes we use. And this is a dominant case on external wooden staircases. However, you may get them even if your staircase is within the house. So, it’s better to take the necessary steps before you get the scratches.

To prevent staircases from getting scratches, try using different shoes for climbing the staircase. Again, you can keep a rug at the bottom so guests or users can clean their shoes before climbing it.

7.   Apply Varnish Or Oil

Regardless of your staircase style, be it a cut stringer staircase or a modernistic floating one, applying varnish or oil preserves texture, keep it in good condition for decades. If you are wondering how to protect wood stairs from scratch, know that this will work.

Not just this prevents scratches but masks existing marks on wooden staircases. But don’t risk doing it yourself unless you know how to do it properly. Consult a professional before applying the materials.


Untitled design 3 Protect Wood Stairs From Scratch

Last Words,

Maintaining wooden staircase is a hefty task. Choosing high-quality timbers can make it long-lasting. Even though there are plenty of options to protect your timber staircase from getting scratches, none of them will work if you are not dedicated.

So, it all starts from you— installing it carefully to keeping an eye for mold, with regular maintenance it may even outlive you. To get a bespoke staircase in London that lasts for eternity, why don’t you hire the most reliable staircase designer today?

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