How to Protect Your House From the Storm

People living near the coastline are equipped to handle storms better than those living on the mainland. However, you often hear a red alert on the news, alerting people of a violent storm. One might wonder how difficult it is to withstand such storms and their aftermath. If one is not protected enough, the storm may affect the interior of the house. If you are looking for solutions to prevent such storms, you are at the right place. Continue reading to learn more about different ways to protect your house from a storm.


Maintenance of the Roof

The most important thing you need to ensure is the safety of the roof. Picture this: a strong storm starts blowing, and your roof starts to shake violently as if it will detach itself from the house. How would you feel at that moment? Not so great, I suppose. Therefore, you must pay attention to the roof. Get an engineer to inspect your roof and the house’s structural integrity once the engineer gives you the green signal. You should consult an engineer as soon as possible, especially if you live near the coast or a storm-prone area.

Doors and Windows:

Once you are sure about the roof and the structure of the house, it is time to inspect the doors and windows. A strong wind can easily break poor shutters and destroy the interior. Think of how much loss you will have to face if the rainwater comes gushing through the windows. If you have artwork on the walls, they are bound to get ruined due to the excess moisture in the air. Therefore, opt for CGI windows in Miami, FL and secure your home from storm.

Protect Valuable Items:

As mentioned before, you must safeguard your valuable items in the home. If you have expensive artwork lying around, be sure to keep away from open spaces. When you hear an amber alert for a storm, be sure to move the art to a room in the house where they are kept safe from the outside elements.

  • Keep essential documents and IDs in a zip lock bag in a safe cupboard. Make sure the cupboard cannot be influenced by outside elements such as fire and water. In case of a flood in the house, the cupboard should be protected. You may also keep the documents in the locker.
  • Be sure to keep the expensive jewelry in the locker. At times, you may keep the jewelry in the dresser drawer. But, if your house gets flooded, the dressers and drawers might get affected. So, you must make sure the valuable jewelry is well protected.

Mind the Trees

You may have beautiful tall trees outside your house; they look lovely. But during a storm, the trees can cause much trouble. Branches of the old tree may break and fall on top of the house. Plus, they can fall on the neighboring property and create legal problems for you. To prevent such an occurrence, be sure to cut or trim the trees beforehand.

Electrical Sources

During storms, frequent power cuts are a common occurrence. So, you must equip yourself with the proper tools to combat power cuts. For example, gather torches, candles, and more and keep them in a safe place. If you rely on electrical power to cook food, be sure to think about alternate sources.


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