How to Recognize Signs of a Septic Tank Failure

Did you know over 60 million people in the US have septic systems? One-third of all new building developments in the country rely on septic and other decentralized treatment systems.

Septic systems are economical and use the natural method of waste decomposition, putting less strain on the environment. They can, however, also malfunction from time to time.

Septic tank failure can create an emergency situation for your home, so learning to recognize signs of a failure can save you time and money. Let us look at some of the signs telling you it may be time to call in the experts.


Septic Tank Failure: Water or Sewage Backs Up

Your home plumbing appliances are connected to your septic system. If that system fails or if the septic tank is full, wastewater will not drain into the tank and will remain in your pipes. At some point, it will begin to come back up.

You may see sewage and other wastewater appearing in your sinks, drains, and toilets. If you start seeing this, contact experts like this company to come and pump out the septic tank.


How to Recognize Signs of a Septic Tank Failure

Slow Drains

Preventative maintenance is crucial to avoid serious septic tank issues and one of the warning signs that you are nearing a full-blown tank failure is if you notice slow drains.

If a septic tank is full, it will no longer accept wastewater or it will do so very slowly. It can seem like the pipe is clogged and you may try to unclog it with conventional methods, but they will not help because the issue is within the tank.

Prevent an emergency situation and call experts as soon as you notice slow draining speeds.

Dampness Near Leach Field

If a septic tank is full or has otherwise failed, the wastewater will rise and seep into the leach field. It will form a large pool of wastewater.

If you notice that the space near your leach field is wet when the rest of your lawn is not, it can point to septic tank issues.

You may also notice greener grass and larger plants in this area, since wastewater works like a fertilizer, providing nutrients for vegetation to grow more potently.


How to Recognize Signs of a Septic Tank Failure


Unpleasant Odors

If you start smelling unpleasant odors near your leach field or near plumbing appliances, this can be another sign of septic tank failure. If you smell those same odors inside your home, then you can draw the same conclusion.

These odors mean that sewage has crested the leach fields and entered your main drain line.

Prevent Septic Tank Issues

By knowing how to recognize signs of septic tank failure, you will be able to avoid emergency situations and prevent serious repairs. It is always vital to turn to experts for these kinds of septic system concerns to prevent further damage.

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