How to Reduce Hair fall During The Fall Season

Hair fall, also known as Hair loss, is a problem in which the thinning of hair in the scalp occurs. It can be permanent as well as temporary. It depends on how the hair fall is occurring and why. Here, we’re sharing tips on how to reduce hair fall during the fall season. But first, let’s find out the main reason for hair loss.


How to Reduce Hair fall


What are the main reasons for hair fall?

In the present time, most people face the problem of hair loss. There are many reasons because of which people had hair loss. One of the biggest and the most common reasons is hereditary hair loss. It means that the problem of hair loss is passed on from generation to generation which eventually engraved in the genes. There are many more reasons because of which people face hair loss. Here are some of them-

Age and hair fall season– In the present time, many people face hair loss because of their age. The reason is that at some point during a lifetime, one’s hair follicle stops growing, as a result of which hairs become thin leading to hair fall. Whereas, in the hair fall, people face normal hair fall, which is common in men and women.

Illness- You can face hair loss because of any disease like hair fall problems or any childbirth problems. It’s common among people and can be cured by proper care of one’s hair and using good products of hair care.

Cancer treatment- In the present time, many cancer patients face hair loss may be one of the early symptoms of cancer. The actual reason is that the radiation treatment occurs through their head and neck or in other words administration of chemotherapy.

Stress- Nowadays, a lot of people face hair loss because of stress. In such a scenario, they can face many difficulties.

Thereafter, with the continuous increase in daily stress levels, degrading food quality, harmful lifestyle habits like smoking, coupled with genetic disorders, the age at which people have started experiencing hair fall has fallen drastically.

Scalp infection- You can also experience hair loss due to a scalp infection. This infection could cause dry head skin, baldness as well as the formation of furuncles

What is the main season of hair fall?

In the present time, there are several reasons due to which both men and women face hair loss. But, the essential one among them is the monsoon season. During this season there is an excellent chance for anybody to have hair fall to a great level.


hair fall How to Reduce Hair fall


Why people face hair loss in monsoon season?

Nowadays, many people are facing hair loss in this hair fall season. If you are among them and cannot find out the main reasons for having hair fall this season, then don’t worry anymore. Here are several most crucial reasons because of which people have hair fall in this season-

In the monsoon season, many people’s hairs fall short of nutrients, especially iron and zinc minerals, which led to the weakness of hair and then to hair fall.

Also, sometimes due to stress, people face the problem of hair loss in this season. Therefore, it’s always told to the person who had a hair problem not to stress.

It’s very common in the monsoon season that one can suffer from a viral or bacterial infection, which led to their hair fall. However, proper cleaning of hair from time to time could solve the problem.

In the present time, many people face the problem of hair loss due to many reasons, which include stress, anxiety, bacterial or virus infection, and many more. If you cannot find out how to cure this problem, then don’t worry. You only need to make sure you keep your hair clean all time, use good quality products, and go out less in the hair fall season that is monsoon.


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