How to Replace Doors: Your Guide

Have you thought about redesigning parts of your house? Instead of thinking about completely gutting and redesigning your house, you could focus on small changes that can spruce it up. A new interior door can change the look of your home and it can also help you save energy during this climate emergency. You may want to make this change by hiring an expert or spending more, but if that’s all you need, you’ll want to know how to hang a door yourself. Here’s everything you need to know on how to replace doors.


Unscrew and Remove the Hinge

A new door is the first step to really bringing your kitchen back to life. First, you have to remove the old door plate. To support its weight, unscrew the board from its hinge with a wooden wedge and remove it, then remove the hinge itself. Next, reinstall the door. We will work with the most common type of door you will find at home, namely a hinged door.

In good condition, these can be set up again and again for reuse, and again and again and so on.


how to replace doors


The Old Will Guide the New

Work by positioning the old door against the door frame, creating a small gap between the door and the wooden wedge. The old door will guide the new door, provided it fits well.

Your assistant holds the door and marks where it needs to be trimmed to height. Put the door on its marker and you have to cut through the door. Make sure not to damage the hinges or recesses in the frame.

Remember that you are aiming for a distance of 2 mm between the door and the frame. Check that the hinges on both sides of the door fit the frame, and then mark where the door is located so that it matches the frame width.

Place the door flat with a saw, cut it near the marked line and finish it with a planer. The plane should have the same number of sides that are the right width.

Mark Up

Measure the thickness of the hinge plate and mark it on the front of the door. Position the door frame with wedges to mark the hinge position. Mark the top and bottom built-in doors with a pencil.

Use these markings to bring the hinges into the correct position with a pencil.

On the flat side, cut off the wood with a chisel to the position of the hinge and its recess. Using a sharp chisel or mallet, cut along the perimeter of the hinges recessed marking. Use a chisel to make a series of cuts about 5 mm deep to mark the wood grain.

The screw heads must be flush with the surface of the flap. Check that the door is open and closed. Keep the door open by clamping a screw through the hinge frame using one screw at a time. Drill a pilot hole in each screw and screw a screw into the hinge flap. Find where you can hang the door. You can try a few types of doors before you hang the one you will use.

Check That There Is No Movement 

Check that there is no movement in the door. If it rubs against something, the screws may have to be loosened. Attach the remaining screws as well. If the door frame has an area where there is a hook, the door needs to be removed and sanded or planed to get the right fit.

It is rare that your floor is even, but knowing the highest spot on the floor is a good starting point to hang your door at a level that is correct from the outset. The installation of the door at a height can lead to the door pulling and not jamming.

They will want to keep the sides of the door deep enough to bring them up to a level. If you have a flat floor, you can hide both sides of the gap in the wall. Just watch out for uneven floors.

The installation of a door can cost upwards of $150. These costs cover the workload for the panel and the door itself, with additional costs for other materials and aids to construct the frame if necessary.

If you have several doors installed in the same project, the cost of each door to be processed becomes more expensive. The doors themselves can cost upwards of $50 with the sky being the limit, depending on how extravagant you want to be.

Do remember that if you order energy efficient patio doors you are going to save money on your bills because you will save energy.

How To Replace Doors? Research First

If you want to know how to replace doors then the answer is to do your research first. You can’t just buy any old door you like the look of. It may not fit and you have additional costs on top of the door itself such as installation and delivery.

Also if you are considering when to get new doors then there are times that are more appropriate than others.

For example, if you want a high-end glass door for example then you may not simply be able to put this in the back of your van and buy it straight away. Since it’s delicate you would want to wait until there was a special delivery team available.

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