How to Replace Roofing Tiles: A Guide

Roofing replacements are the most important part of the roofing industry’s revenue, taking up 90% of the market. Yet as a property owner, you will know the huge expenditure involved in this renovation. So how do you fix a roof yourself?

One way is by replacing any broken tiles as soon as they appear. Read on as we give our guide on replacing roofing tiles.


Signs You Need Tile Repair

One of the most obvious signs you need roof repair is when a leak appears in your home. Unfortunately, this can cause a lot of damage to the inside of a property.

Damage may also be visible and come in the form of holes, cracks, and chipped corners on clay tiles.  Finally, you may notice moss or mold growth on tiles which can cause long-term damage. has lots of advice on how you can check your roof.

Before You Begin

You need to ensure your safety before performing a roof repair. Invest in the correct safety clothing, such as goggles, boots, and gloves. If you can, get some safety ropes and always get assistance from a friend or family member.

There are also several items you should have before you start. We have listed the most important below.

  • Pry Bar
  • Hammer
  • Nails
  • Ladder
  • Crawl Boards
  • Replacement Tiles

The crawl boards should be laid down before you begin. By walking on them, you won’t damage tiles on the roof surface, and it will make it much easier for you to move around the roof.


5 Telltale Signs You Need a Roof Repair, How to Replace Roofing Tiles: A Guide


1. Remove the Old Tile

Your first task is to remove the old roof tiles and create an ideal surface for the new ones. You can begin by lifting away any tiles that overlap the broken ones. They will be holding the broken tile in place so once lifted, simply slip the broken tile out.

Some tiles may be nailed down, in which case the task gets a little harder. Use a pry bar and lift any overlapping pieces. Remove the nail entirely and push them to the side so you can remove the broken tile.

2. Insert the New Tile

You will now have a gap in the roof where the old tile was. Give the space a quick brush to remove any debris and check no nails are left. You can then place the new tile in the gap.

3. Secure the Tile

Secure the new tile by placing the tiles that overlap it back into position. You can lift them using your pry bar or a hammer, then maneuver them back into the correct area.

If you want extra strength, then you may decide to nail it in place. Place the nail toward the top of the roof tile, ideally in a position under the surrounding tiles to protect it from weathering.


Maintaining Your Roofing Tiles

Once in place, your roofing tiles just need to be maintained. Check periodically for any more visible damage and replace them as soon as you spot anything wrong. By doing this, your roof will last longer and you will stave off costly replacements.

If you found this article helpful we have many more. From DIY to real estate, we can help maintain your property in the coming year.

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