How to Safely Move House While Pregnant

Moving house while pregnant is not an ideal scenario for the average person, as pregnancy brings with it unique challenges regarding energy and the body. House moves are famously a stress-inducing process – and not only might pregnancy increase the stress involved, but that stress can negatively affect your pregnancy.

Of course, it may well be that your pregnancy is the reason for your move, as you seek out a family home with space for new life. As such, it is crucial that you approach your move with caution and safety as a priority. The following tips can help you stay on the right side of safe, while facilitating a smooth house move.


Use a Comprehensive Removal Company

For many, an easy way to slash the budget for a house-move is to opt for a simple man-in-a-transit-van, or to cut out the man entirely and hire a van to move belongings themselves. But this can be awkward to manage, especially if with-child – as can packing full-stop, whether filling boxes or dismantling furniture.

This is why choosing to spend a little more can be vital to your moving. Selecting a removal company that offers a packing and unpacking service removes the stress and physical effort, and ensures safe passage of your possessions to your new home.


How to Safely Move House While Pregnant


Plan Your Timing Carefully

Even with the all-consuming task of packing and physically moving out of the way, moving home is guaranteed to result in a lot of moving around on your feet – activity which could present more risks later in your pregnancy.

A conversation with your doctor can reveal more about medical advice regarding activity while pregnant, as well as your specific circumstances. With this advice in mind, you can plan your moving date around your physical ability; the earlier in your pregnancy, the better.

 Stay Healthy

While a potentially trivial point to make, you should endeavour to drink fluids regularly throughout the moving process. Moving is a strenuous process, and managing your hydration and calorific intake during the day can help ensure you keep your energy levels up. You are likely to feel more tired more often when pregnant, so energy-boosting snacks like nuts and oat bars can make all the difference for a long day of moving.

Do Not Lift Anything

And finally, the point bears labouring: do not attempt to lift any objects of any significant weight. You may be physically capable of doing so, but doing so while pregnant is nonetheless risky – and most certainly not worth the risk, especially when there are moving professionals on hand to perform said lifting on your behalf. Give yourself a break, and concern yourself with the administration of the move or with light decorating tasks.

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