How to Score the Cottagecore House of Your Dreams

Did you know that an interior designer will cost you an average of more than $5,000 depending on your project? Instead of hiring someone else to try and imagine your vision, consider doing it yourself. There are many tips and tricks to follow if you want to create a cottagecore or unique look at your home. Continue reading to discover the best ways to turn your home into a cottagecore dream!


Grow a Garden

One of the most popular ways to give your home a cottagecore feel is to grow a garden.

Gardens are magical and look beautiful on the outside when you plant a combination of flowers and plants. Many people recommend creating a pathway up to your door to give guests a beautiful view. You can also put your garden in the backyard with wildflowers and berry bushes.

Combine Various Types of Fabric

One of the greatest cottagecore decor ideas is to combine and layer various types of fabric.

This can be done in all rooms, but bedrooms and living areas are the easiest places to accomplish this look. If you have a quilt blanket, layer it with some cotton and lace for a unique look. It’ll add depth to each component of the room.

You can also use ruffles, gingham fabric, and checkered patterns to create the cottagecore look.

Display Your China 

If you want cottagecore interior styles, consider displaying your china on painted cabinets.

Do you have a china set from your relatives that’s sitting in the cabinet collecting dust? Instead of letting them take up space, use them as decoration and put them on display.

Vintage cabinets combined with dainty china will give a whimsical look to your cottagecore home.

Highlight Floral Prints 

When people think of cottagecore homes, they often imagine layers of color, beauty, and flowers. Flowers can be found in every cottagecore home and there are no limitations to the types you choose.

If you have a favorite flower, such as lavender, rose, or peonies, consider using them to decorate. You can paint them on the walls, use wallpaper, or have fabric patterns that highlight a simple floral print.

Go Vintage

When it comes to home appliances, you might want to consider getting vintage pieces that’ll create your cottagecore-look.

Vintage ovens and stoves can stand out in the kitchen and become a focal point in the house. You can also use vintage light fixtures throughout the home to create a beautiful touch. By mixing vintage items with farmhouse styles, you can accomplish a cottagecore theme.


Create the Cottagecore Home of Your Dreams

If you’ve been viewing homes online and have fallen in love with cottagecore, this guide can help. By utilizing it, you can create a home that’s unique to you and your family. It’ll have a cozy and comfortable feel that makes you want to wake up every day.

Cottagecore can be fun and adventurous, so don’t be afraid to try something new.

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