How To Set Up Your Home Office To Be More Productive

Last updated on January 5th, 2023

Are you planning to become your own boss or maybe you are a freelancer working from home? If yes, this article will guide you on how to set up your home office to be more productive.

Now, let’s get started…

Working from the comfort of your home can be really awesome and extra productive. Coffee, snacks, your favorite couch, and everything in between to improve comfort. No one to boss you around, and no colleague to contends with. Cool, isn’t it?


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Well, as comforting as working from home may be, it does require self-motivation, discipline, and dedication if you really want your workspace to inspire your work to be productive.

While I can’t say more about other people, I know myself to be a visual person. I have loads of beaming light on my home desk where I work from in my bedroom. I wake up strong, excited, and motivated to sit down and get to work at my home office.

The bottom line is to always let your workspace be an exact replica of what you desire, it’ll motivate you and let you be more productive in your endeavors.


How To Make Your Home Office More Productive

Without much ado, to be discussed below are the best work from home productivity tips, do adopt the same by trying them out in your home workspace.

     1. Find a place that works perfectly for you

Setting up a productive workspace at home starts from choosing and placing your work desk in the best and perfect place. Your ideal workspace maybe by the wall or by the window, it’s incumbent you know where suits you the most.

Some people prefer working in their bedrooms, some on their kitchen table, and some set up their home office in their living room at their coffee table. Everyone works differently.

So, to set up a home office that will be more productive, you need to find a perfect place for yourself at home and convert the same into a workspace that will inspire and motivate you to keep on track.


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       2. The power outlet should be your friend

There are several home office setup ideas, none could work out without electricity supply and as such, make sure that your work table and desk are placed closer to a power outlet.

You’ll agree with me that all work from home jobs, business ideas, and opportunities are — majorly — done on our phones and laptops. We place heavy reliance on the full battery to have hitch-free work.

Therefore, your phones and laptops can be fully charged if you place your desk close to a power outlet and if not, make sure to get an extension cord to avoid a flat battery thereby stopping your work strength and ethic in the middle of a productive roll.


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        3. Your home office should be well lit

Designing a home office that’ll inspire productivity also comes with a lit room covered with natural light. No one loves working in the dark.

Even if you only work during the brightest hour of the day, having a desk lamp count too. If offices can always be well lit then working from the comfort of your living room should be well illuminated, too, so that you don’t strain your eyes.


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          4. Add inspiring touches

One of the rare benefits of working from your own home is your ability to decorate your home office to look exactly as you wanted. Do you want to hang your favorite holiday picture on the wall? You got it. You want your desk to go green? You got it.

Thus, setting up a home office for remote work or the likes requires motivation touches and designs to bring a positive end result. Be it green plants, pictures, prints, or motivational quotes, add and decorate them around your workspace to inspire productivity.


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          5. No television set of any sort

Television sets are good for cooling the nerves and relaxing after a long working hour, no doubt about that. However, it’s not advisable for a productive home office environment. In fact, working in a home environment that is close to a living room decorated with TV can distract your work ethic and progress, most especially, with your favorite show on the air.

Getting sucked and carried away by a TV show is very easy. Although it is a perfect way to unwind still not when you’re expected to be working.

What worth doing they say, worth doing well, do away with TVs in your home office as you have the luxury to switch on Netflix or the likes when you curl up on your favorite couch during your lunch break. Such is an added advantage of working from your home.


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         6. Banish distractions

Doing away with distraction is one of the conventional home office tips that everyone abides with even without any sort of announcement. This productivity tip comes to everyone’s attention naturally.

However, there’s more to staying far away from your ward’s noise and disturbance or sibling’s gist and distraction. Distraction is much more than that.

Albeit peeping through the window to take a look at your garden — during your work hours — might seem romantic really, but don’t be surprised finding yourself spending the whole day wondering why your pet cat is jumping over the wall every now and then.

So banishing distraction of all sorts is an important tip in setting up a home office that’ll be more productive. If you are the type that gets distracted by phone or simulation games, don’t bother having them besides you, help yourself by leaving them behind in another room.

If your desk and table are free zones to all these elements of distraction that people tend to underestimate, you will be really surprised as to how much you’ll work — even faster and better without them.


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While there are numerous home office setup ideas, the above tips are the better and trusted version of how to set up your home office to be more productive.


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