How to Set Up Your TV Aerial and Troubleshoot It

Antennas catch wavelengths and turn them into audio and visual signals you can listen to on the radio or watch TV. Choosing a TV Aerial and where to position it depends on your location and personal taste. There are three major types of aerials/antennas connected to your TV. They are:

  • Outdoor antennas
  • Indoor antennas and;
  • Loft antennas.


Setting Up Your TV Aerial

If you want to set up a TV antenna, you only need a few supplies and tools. Although installations differ depending on the aerial type, there are essential steps for set-up and troubleshooting (only if the TV displays no signal afterward). The following steps paint a general picture of a TV Aerial set-up process.

Step 1: Get Your Tools Ready:

If you’re not seeking the help of a professional, you’ll need to make sure all the essential tools and equipment are close by and at arms’ reach. You can get disoriented if you have to run to the store mid-installation to get an item you need. So, here is a list of tools you may need for the total installation of your antenna (All these items may not be needed. It all depends on where you eventually position your antenna):

  • The antenna of your choice
  • Mounting kit
  • Pliers
  • A TV connecting cable
  • 75 ohm to 300-ohm transformer
  • Screwdrivers
  • Tape
  • Digital Tuner
  • Mast

Step 2: Antenna Assembly:

Next, you need to assemble the antenna. Always read the manual before you start. Luckily, many antennas may come preassembled these days. However, some may require you only to lock the dipoles into place or attach some elements with a screwdriver.

Step 3: Ensure you position your antenna in the right spot

Getting the best reception requires tweaking your aerial’s position. Wrong positioning can lead to reception problems or incomplete channels. Take your time to move the antenna around to find a spot with the lowest obstructions and interference

Step 4: Make Necessary Connections

Connect the assembled antenna to your TV. You can do this by attaching the antenna’s coaxial cable to the back of the TV where “Cable/Antenna” is labeled. If you want to locate your antenna outside your home, you can experience a little stress when running the coaxial cable down through the house to the TV. If you are worried about this or not up for the stress, get professional help.

Step 5: Scan for Available Channels

Hopefully, the connections worked, and now you need to see if the channels are available. Scanning for channels varies depending on your TV and converter type. You can auto-search for channels under the “Settings” menu or preferably consult the manual to find out.

Step 6: Troubleshooting advice

Troubleshooting is always necessary as some people’s TVs show NO SIGNAL. So, what do you do when your TV receives no signal? Well, you’ll need to re-check connections and reposition the TV aerial. If all does not work, use a professional antenna installation service.



Installing your TV aerial makes all the difference in your TV experience. Figuring out how to install an antenna is not difficult as long as you follow the laid down steps carefully. Do not panic if you encounter any problems on the way, and don’t be afraid to start again or ask for help

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