How To Spruce Up Home Interiors With Resin Art

Resin art was traditionally used as a varnish or adhesive. However, it has recently become a prominent emerging trend in interior design. Resin is a viscous liquid made from synthesis or plants, and its shape and size are taken from the molding tool it’s poured into. Moreover, resin was mainly used as a plastic base, varnishes, and adhesives, but today it’s utilized to create resin painting, jewelry, sculptures, and flooring. 

Resin is generally transparent in liquid and solid form, which gives it an exquisite look to the final product. But you can also mix it with different colors to obtain colored home decor items. 

Resin art is quickly becoming popular as it looks great and can easily be shaped into any design. This post will outline ways to spruce up your home interior design using resin art. Read on to learn more.


  • Resin Coasters

Coasters are small mats for bottles or glass. They’re used as a barrier between the bottom of a bottle or glass to protect the surface they’re placed on. Resin coasters are the easiest way to add exciting elements to your table, bar, or entertainment area. You can choose to buy a ready-made resin coaster or make one yourself at home. If you want to purchase a resin coaster, there are shops online like Just resin that offer the best designs.

When making your resin coasters at home, consider the table’s colors. If your table is plain, you can add a dash of color by making your resin coasters with colorful objects like a flower or infused colors. On the other hand, if your table has strong colors, create a transparent resin coaster, as they give a glassy luster look that’s great for a colored table. Using colorful resin coasters on colored tables makes the colors clash, giving an unpleasant look.


How To Spruce Up Home Interiors With Resin Art


  •  Resin Clocks

It’s rare to use a clock as a piece of art, as clocks have the most simple and boring designs. However, clocks made from resin are beautiful and are not only used to keep time but also as a piece of art. Like any other resin art, you can buy a finished resin clock or choose to make yours at home. You have many options for designing your resin clock when doing it yourself. For instance, you can create a circular resin clock that only contains resin or design it in a way it will complement your tabletops.

You can also choose to coat your current clock with resin. You’ll need to mix resin with colors of your choice, then coat and laminate your clock. Clocks coated with resin are durable, easy to clean and have a high-gloss appearance. Always be careful when applying resin coating; ensure the coating doesn’t enter the clock.


How To Spruce Up Home Interiors With Resin Art


  • Immortalized Resin Flowers

Flowers don’t last forever, but you can immortalize your favorite one using resin. If you’re planning to do this yourself, all you need is a molding shape of your choice, resin, and dried flowers, which are stunning when immortalized in resin. Before you start, cover your workspace with plastic to help reduce the mess caused by resin, and wear gloves. 

To start, pour the resin into about a third of the mold, place your dried flowers and fill the mold with resin. When dry, take it out of the mold and enjoy the transparent prop with colored flowers inside. You can place your new flowers on a mantle to decorate your bedroom or display it as a centerpiece in the living room.

  • Filling Table Dents With Resin

This is a magnificent way to repair big gouges and dents in your tables. It makes the repaired damage look like a designed art. You can also make those dents and gouges and fill them with plain or colored resin. You’ll only need to mix resin with the colors of your choice, then pour it into the dents, scratches, or gouges, let it dry, and level it.

This fills the damages and offers your table a unique, glossy appearance. You should do this carefully to maintain the tabletop’s level and produce a stunning finish. If you’re inexperienced, consider hiring professionals.


How To Spruce Up Home Interiors With Resin Art


  • Resin Tables 

If you’re bored of having a wooden table in your home, you can decide to design a table entirely made of resin. Resin tables are durable, easy to clean, elegant, and glossy. You can settle for a plain table or choose a combination of several colors to add flavor. However, if you only want to change the look of your current table, resin painting is the cheapest and most affordable way.



Resin art looks simple to make, but it requires some expertise to get it right. Therefore, consider hiring an expert or settling for ready-made products if you want complicated designs. But if you have the right skills, you can mix the resin with any colors of your choice and create extraordinary designs to spruce up your home.  


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