How To Spruce Up Your Garden

Your garden can often be an afterthought, even though you don’t want it to be. When your garden becomes an afterthought, you can find it never really looks or feels how you want it to. Having a garden that you love being in and that you are proud of is important for you and for your well-being too. If your garden is looking a little under-loved at the moment, then you need to take action now. You need to focus on sprucing up the space that you have – but just where do you get started?


Work With What You Have

A complete overhaul of your garden may sound nice, but in reality, do you want to do this, and do you have the budget to accommodate this? So, instead of focusing on a complete change within your garden, focus on working with what you have.

For instance, if you have a plant border that has been left to its own device for a couple of seasons, get trimming, and restore its natural beauty. Or, if you have a decked area in the shady corner of your garden, why not show it a little bit of love and add a table and chairs to the space. Making use of what you already have can help you appreciate the space you have and also see it in a new light.

Many individuals and families fail to realize is that even things that are old and forgotten can get a new lease of life post some TLC. If you have some stone garden statues, you can put them up at different parts of the garden and improve the overall personality of the space. Focus on the simple and basic things when trying to spruce up your garden.


How To Spruce Up Your Garden


Get All Repair Work Carried Out

When you are working through what you have in your garden and you are improving what is already there, it is important to remember that not all items can be fixed by yourself. Sometimes, you need to call in professional contractors to ensure that repair work is carried out correctly. For example, if you need to repair a section of fencing, then get a fencing contract in to assist. Getting fence repair work done correctly and getting it to match up with the existing fencing is a job that is best left to the professional.

Add a Coat of Paint

Adding a coat of paint or even adding a coat of stain to your fencing (or other wooden areas) can help to lift a space and leave it feeling like new. A coat of paint can also work wonders on other things in your garden areas, such as old (possibly broken plant pots) or seating such as tables and chairs. Before adding a coat of paint, be sure to prepare the surface and area adequately. Always sand down the existing surface, clean and prime before adding paint, and this will ensure the surface looks lovely and fresh.


How To Spruce Up Your Garden


Introduce New Plants and Pots

New pots and new plants will brighten up your garden area and even leave it feeling brand new. When you are introducing new plants and pots, why not add a bit of color. Look at plants that are perennial (which will mean you have color all year round) and look at bright and beautiful painted pots, which will add a focal point to your garden space.

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