How to Start Remodeling Your Bathroom

Does your bathroom appear less appealing? Do you get frustrated by how cluttered it appears? Do not worry though, as we are here to take you through the helpful process of how to start remodeling your bathroom. A bathroom is a sensitive place and it is important we take care of it to avoid infections and embarrassment whenever we have visitors.

Furthermore, if you consider selling your residential property in the future, buyers love modern bathrooms that are well designed. For this matter, you should consider remodeling your bathroom. The remodeling process involves a lot and if you are not familiar with the process then you might encounter challenges. However, it should not make you hesitate to begin the process.

Before beginning the process, it is important you gain basic knowledge of what happens when handling such a project. It is also important to consider the benefits of bathroom remodeling and the factors to consider before starting the project. The two will ensure that you do not undertake the project blindly. You will gain more focus on how to start remodeling your bathroom.


The Benefits of Bathroom Remodeling

Before you figure out how to start remodeling your bathroom, you have to acknowledge its importance. Remodeling your bathroom will not only add more value to your living space, but will also make the bathroom a great place to have fun. The following are benefits of remodeling your bathroom:

Bathroom Remodel 2 How to Start Remodeling Your Bathroom

Remodeling Assists You to Save More and Spend Less

When remodeling your bathroom, there are things you will consider. For instance, you will opt to go for more efficient flashing systems that save on water. If you have a leaking tap, you should consider doing some plumbing repair. These kinds of practices will play a major role in reducing your utility expenses.

Creates A Peaceful and Attractive Space

Performing your cleaning activities in a messy bathroom can be hectic and unpleasant. Remodeling your bathroom does the magic of creating a peaceful space. While remodeling, you can settle on colors that are more relaxing to help you unwind and do your activities smoothly.

Adds Value to Your Living Space

You may consider a variety of options when thinking about how to start remodeling your bathroom. For instance, you may consider choosing modern colors and styles of décor. Moreover, the remodel may incorporate replacing the toilet, the bathtub, or, rather, the washbasin. All these practices, including many more, will assist you in adding more value to your home.


Bathroom Remodel 3 How to Start Remodeling Your Bathroom


Creating an Eco-friendly Environment

An eco-friendly environment is created when you incorporate energy-efficient equipment. Consider doing this when remodeling your bathroom so as to enjoy the benefits.

Creates an Organized and Clean Environment

We all love a clean and organized environment. The poor structure of bathrooms brings a lot of disorganization. Practices such as increasing self storage while remodeling will really help to create a less- cluttered space. Your bathroom amenities such as toiletries will find an appropriate place, thus making the bathroom look more appealing.


Factors to Consider Before Remodeling Your Bathroom

If you have figured out how to start remodeling your bathroom, it is important that you have a plan. Planning is very important as each activity will be conducted in line with your budget. Do not get too excited to the extent of forgetting the most important things. There are several factors that you ought to put into consideration.


Bathroom Remodel 4 How to Start Remodeling Your Bathroom


Accessibility and Size of Your Remodeled Bathroom

When remodeling, ensure that accessibility is not compromised. Your bathroom is an important place for you to relax and freshen up after a long day. Therefore, when it comes to convenience, accessibility should be highly considered. It should be easy and safe for you to use each and every amenity in your bathroom. Adding features such as safety handrails and handheld showers can assist in increasing convenience.

The size of your bathroom will depend fully on your budget. A big bathroom will provide more convenience as the space will allow you to move more. On the contrary, a smaller bathroom will be somehow affordable when it comes to renovation and maintenance.

Your Budget Allocation

We all have our preferences and, as much as you want to consider the cost, you should also consider the quality. When remodeling your bathroom, ensure that the cost for each item is efficient. This means that the money you spend must be in line with the quality of what you are buying and the services rendered. In order to save more, you could consider remodeling minor details rather than remodeling the whole bathroom.


Bathroom Remodel 5 How to Start Remodeling Your Bathroom


Whether You Plan to Change Your Current Layout

This can be optional. You can either choose to retain the current layout or change it. Retaining the layout will assist you to reduce the cost of the process help since you do not have to call for residential plumbing or residential electrical work. Therefore, you will be in a position to save more.

Putting More Effort in Bathroom Counters

The countertops in your bathroom serve as the major focus in the space. Therefore, you would consider investing more in these counters. The aesthetic appearance of these countertops is more important than any other thing. Consider going for white and neutral colors since they will bring out a refreshing appeal. You may also opt for marble, granite or quartz when it comes to the surface.

The Design and Style of Your Bathroom

It is another important consideration when you are thinking about how to start remodeling your bathroom. There are various styles and designs you can choose for your bathroom to complement your living space. While some may opt for a more traditional design, others may opt for a modern design.


Bathroom Remodel 6 How to Start Remodeling Your Bathroom


Placement of Taps in Your Bathroom

It is the smallest things that always matter. Therefore, consider choosing a unique style for your taps. The market has a huge variety of taps to choose from. Consider the style you want to incorporate into your bathroom before remodeling.

Accessories to Complete the Look

Your remodeling will not be complete if you do not include accessories. The accessories will contribute to the beauty of that living space. Choosing the right accessories will contribute greatly to achieving your dream bathroom.


That is another important factor to consider. It is important to ensure that your bathroom is cozy enough. This can be achieved by installing the right heating appliances for your bathroom. You can also choose to complement this by adding a rail that has heated towels. The rails are convenient for those with limited space.

When considering heating, you may opt to go for underfloor heating. This type of heating is affordable and effective since it will ensure that all bathrooms are heated appropriately. An increase in temperature will improve the warmth of your bathroom.

Selection of Contractors

In the process of thinking about how to start remodeling your bathroom, you should consider hiring a contractor who deals with house construction services. If you have made a decision on this, choose a contractor you can entrust with that particular process.


How to Start Remodeling Your Bathroom

You know the benefits of remodeling your bathroom. You are also aware of the factors to consider when remodeling your bathroom. The two take you to the next step of the main process. Remodeling your bathroom will definitely add a touch of style to your home. However, if you are doing it for the first time, you may find it hectic. Not to worry though, as we will take you through the step of starting remodeling your bathroom.


Bathroom Remodel 7 How to Start Remodeling Your Bathroom


Develop the Remodeling Plan

Planning is important when it comes to the process. Whether you want to use a DIY process or hire a contractor, you must consider the cost of the materials and put down the quotation. The cost of the remodel can really cost a lot of money if you do not plan. If you want a new layout for your bathroom, you may require residential design build services to incorporate the plan. It is important to know where the current wiring and plumbing are so as to include it in the final position.

Moreover, while formulating the plan, ask the contractors whether they can help you to get discounts. The discount can be for paintings or lights. The contractors can be of help since they are in a position to purchase the equipment at a wholesale price. It will really go a long way to helping you to save.

Dismantle Your Current Bathroom

It is the most exciting part of the process of doing away with your old bathroom. However, you need to plan it appropriately so that it cannot be disastrous. Before beginning the demolition, ensure that water and electric supply are disconnected. It will ensure that you do not damage important features that you might need later. If you are looking for more information about how to demo a bathroom, I recommend this article.

When doing away with the wall tiles, take good care so as not to damage pipes or wires beneath the wall. Also, remove the sink and toilets well to avoid breakage. Also, check whether there is any mold and mildew caused by water damage. Finally, remove all the accessories incorporated into the old bathroom. 

Make Some Adjustments In Regards To Plumbing

Demolishing exposes the size of your bathroom. Therefore, start putting in your new shower or bathtub. You may opt to install water extensions to serve two showerheads. You can also replace old shower controls and install new ones. Then, consider installing modern sinks.

Do Some Electrical Work

Attending this work should be easy since you now have open walls. You could consider replacing the circuits to make it easy for you to use some appliances like dryers and also incorporate air conditioning. You may also choose to relocate some light switches and outlets.

Incorporate Blocking Between Walls

It is done in order to add more support for the grab bars. However, if you are not planning to use them, you may consider other options. For instance, including solid equipment to secure tubs and toilet features.

Start the Painting Process

When remodeling your bathroom, consider paintings with satin finishing or those with a glossy finishing. The two types are moisture-resistant, therefore making them suitable for your bathroom. It is important to remember that all the paintwork must be finished before putting in the tiles or sinks. It will ensure that your fixtures remain paint-free.


Bathroom Remodel 8 How to Start Remodeling Your Bathroom


Install the Tiles

First and foremost, set up the tiles on the bathtub and shower walls before any other place. It is then followed by the floor tiles. Consider using modern bathroom tiles to bring out a more appealing look.

Set Up the Shower Door

After putting in the tiles, consider installing the curtain rod and your shower door. Ensure that you select a door that blends well with the bathroom appearance.

Install Your Lighting and Exhaust Fun

This is the point where you install all your lights. For instance, your ceiling and wall lights. It is then followed by a proper connection to the fun.

Put Up Your Sink and Fixtures

Install your sinks appropriately in the required places. Then, consider connecting your plumbing to the new fixtures. After that, consider installing your toilet. It may be a new toilet or an older one. This step is considered the easiest in the project. You can opt to choose a DIY approach in order to save money. Then, of course, the final procedure is to install the other accessories you might require in your bathroom. For example, towel bars.


Bathroom Remodel 9 How to Start Remodeling Your Bathroom



It is exciting when you start to think about how to start remodeling your bathroom. To most people, adding value is of the utmost importance when it comes to remodeling their bathrooms. Others may remodel it for their own comfort. Others may opt to undertake the process for the reason that they want to sell their property in the future.

For whatever reason you choose, your bathroom is an integral part of your home. You should not have second thoughts about remodeling. If you have home owners insurance, it’s better for you since it will help you cater for the costs. The above-discussed steps will assist you greatly in your remodeling project. Just ensure you have a reasonable plan to help the project run smoothly.

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