How to Stay Safe Whilst Dating During The Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has altered our lives in many ways, especially our love lives. Dating isn’t what it used to be as safety is paramount. Since the ease of the lockdown, the UK government has placed several regions across the country in different tiers. Do you know what tier your city is in and if it’s safe to meet potential love interests? Find out here! Are you single and ready to mingle? Today, we’ve put together some tips on how to stay safe whilst dating during the pandemic.

Dating During The Pandemic


Dating tips for Tier-three (Very high alert)

Online dating: Have you become recently single or looking for your first serious relationship? If you are looking to find love during a pandemic, online dating sites such as Cambridgeshire dating has got you covered! Create a striking profile that highlights your positive qualities and do not be afraid to initiate conversations.

Virtual dates: Found that love interest and unable to meet them due to lockdown restrictions? Virtual dates are a new reality whether we like it or not! Watch a movie together, solve a virtual escape room, or play an online game together. These are a great way to learn more about your date and ease up any tension or awkwardness between you do.

Phone sex: In the third tier, you can only physically meet people in your household or support bubble. If your partner or love interest doesn’t fit in this category, consider playing safe by phone sex to explore your desires whilst prevent the spread of the virus, especially if your love interest has any of the coronavirus symptoms.

Dating Tips for Tier-two (High alert)

Go for walk in the park: Couples can go for walk in the park or drink in a pub garden and spend time together in tier-two regions as long as they are in the same social bubble and maintain social distancing.

Use safe transportation: The journey matters too! Always endeavor to use safe transportation when going on dates. Avoid crowded locations and peak bus times. Walk, bike, or drive when you can as this gives you control over your environment while journeying to meet your date.

Dating tips for Tier-one (Medium alert)

Avoid kissing on dates: People in tier-one are more likely to get physically when on dates. You might want to have a second thought about this since some people can have COVID-19 without showing symptoms. Although it might be okay to do this with a partner you live with or in the same social bubble.

Maintain social distancing: Even though you can go on dates now, you are still required to maintain the social distancing rule unless you’re both from the same household or the same support bubble.


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