How to Store the Garden Water Hose

The garden hose is a very useful tool in your gardening. It gives you the ability to water all areas of your yard quickly and efficiently. This is especially helpful for giving water to newly planted flowers. This guide will show you how to store the garden hose using a hose pot and a wall-mounted hose reel.


How to Store the Garden Water Hose Using a Hose Pot

Garden hoses are very useful gardening tools, but they can be cumbersome when not in use. Many people drape their hoses over trees and fences, leaving unsightly marks on them. Some people coil their hoses up, but they can become tangled and difficult to untangle. Instead of allowing your hose to sit in the way, why not try storing it using a hose pot?

A garden hose pot is very easy to use. Place your coiled-up garden hose into the bottom of the pot and secure it with the lid’s elastic band. Your garden hose will be safe and free of tangles until the next time you need it.

Advantages of Storing in a Hose Pot

There are many benefits to storing your garden hose using a hose pot. The first benefit is that it will protect the surface of whatever you place your hose on. Trees and fences can be marked by leaching sap from hoses resting atop them, but this is virtually eliminated when placed within a garden hose pot. This will save you time scrubbing the marks off whatever your hose is resting on.

Another benefit of storing hoses in a hose pot is that you can keep them out of sight. While they’re not an eyesore themselves, they do take up space and leave you with less room to move around. Nothing will be visible except for the hose’s nozzle if placed within a hollowed-out section of the ground.

A final benefit of storing your garden hose in a pot is that it can protect them from damage caused by weather. The natural elements could wear down the exterior of a clay pot, but a plastic or metal pot could potentially last you many seasons without issue.

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How to Store Garden Water Hose on Wall Mounted Hose Reel

The wall-mounted hose reel is another effective method to store your garden water hose. It involves mounting the hose reel on the wall for easy reach. To store your garden water hose in this method, it is necessary to start by mounting the reel on the wall using screws and anchors depending on the type of walls you have at home. Most importantly, it should be mounted high enough so that you do not need to bend over while using it.

After the wall-mounted hose reel is mounted on the wall, put your garden water hose through it or fix its end to the spindle of the reel. Once done, coil up the excess portion of your garden water hose within an inch from where it ends and secure it tightly with a wire. This will help prevent tangling and protect your hose from wearing out.


Advantages of the Wall Mounted Hose Reel to Store Garden Water Hose

The wall-mounted hose reel is much more convenient to use than the garden hose pot. Many people find coiling hoses tedious and complicated; however, if you’re using a wall-mounted hose reel, this needn’t be done by yourself. The spindle at the center of the reel will do all that for you.

Another benefit to using a wall-mounted hose reel is that it keeps your hose out of the way. Over time, coils take up quite a bit of space and can become cumbersome if they’re not dealt with properly. By eliminating this issue, you will have more room for other activities such as mowing or planting flowers, or even just hanging around outside with your family and friends.

Finally, a wall-mounted hose reel is beneficial because it will reduce your garden water hose tangling. The interior of a storage pot can easily become a tangled mess if not dealt with properly, leading to the need to buy a new hose completely. A wall-mounted hose reel eliminates this issue as it winds up your hose in a uniform manner. This will ensure your hose is ready for use each time you need it, without the tangling issues to deal with.


There are many ways to store your garden hose, both inside and outside your home. The best solution for you ultimately depends on how often you use your hose and what sort of issues you may be facing with it currently.

For those who need a quick and easy method, wall-mounted hose reels can hold up well under regular use and can be stored out of the way when not in use. For those who need a more durable and long-lasting solution, garden hose pots can hold up to regular wear and tear while protecting your hose from outdoor elements such as sun and rain.

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