How To Style Your Home’s Interior With Indigenous Art

Styling your home’s interior can be quite involving and therapeutic. As you figure out the design arrangement, it takes your mind off stressful things for a moment. One way to make this more enjoyable is styling your home with art that you love and that connects to you.

Suppose you love indigenous art (art made by traditional people from a given land.) How can you incorporate it into your home’s design?

Here’s how to do it:


  • Work With Empty Spaces

In your home, you probably have an empty wall. It could be in your living room, corridor, or even bedroom. You can use your indigenous art to style these walls and eliminate their boredom. You can find aboriginal artwork and prints online, should you wonder where to source them.

As you add your art to these walls, you must do it right to achieve beauty. For one, study the space. Assume your living room is plain in terms of design. You can use a piece of art that makes your living room appear bolder. Here, the ideal piece would be a large horizontal one on the empty wall. It’ll bring character to your space. As you do this, also ensure to place the art at the right level. Eye level is the best, not too high or too low.

As you work with empty spaces, it’s good to point out that the wall doesn’t have to be exposed from top to bottom to add your art. You can place your art on the wall above your sofa set or bed headboard.


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  • Consider The Current Theme

In this case, the theme refers to your adopted style in a given space. It could be a traditional or a modern one, among others.

As you style your home’s interior with indigenous art, it’s important that it reflects the theme to ensure continuity. Suppose your living room is made up of a boho theme. Put up art that reflects this style.

Although theme continuation is advocated for when styling with art, you can break this rule when necessary. For example, your bedroom could have too much of a theme. Instead of putting up art with the same thing, break the monotony and add something different. It’s best if this piece of art is in the middle of the other theme for a beautiful contrast.

  • Look At The Purpose Of The Room

In your home, rooms serve different purposes. There are those meant for communal purposes, others resting, working, and playing. As you style these spaces with your indigenous art, it’s best they reflect the room’s purpose.

Suppose you have a study or office at home. It’s where you get down to work and work on all your ambitions. The ideal art in this space is something that inspires you. It could be art with your dream home on display or an ocean view. Such pieces of art will push you toward achieving your goals.

Your bedroom is where you relax. Here, place indigenous art with an image of what relaxes you. It could be a forest with endless trees, the beach, or your favorite pet, a cat. Preferably, have your bed directly facing it. It’ll help you relax as you catch some sleep.


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  • Create A Focal Point

In your home, there are spaces you love the most, but they tend to get lost in the background of other items in the room. You sometimes believe they don’t get the attention they should be getting. In such cases, you can use indigenous art to make them conspicuous.

Suppose you have a console in your living room that’s often not seen. Place a piece of art that’s subtly bold and big enough to draw attention. As guests in your house get attracted to the art, they’ll also see your console, which is the end goal. You could do the same for your large TV, bed, or bathroom sink.

As you create focal points with your art, keeping other walls as bare as possible is best. Otherwise, it might be too much, and your guests will wonder what to look at and what not to.


People often used indigenous art in the past to tell their stories. It was the main source of expression. Based on this, it’s clear that you can as well tell your story through this art. The discussion above has guided you on styling your home’s interior with indigenous art. It’s in your best interest that you adopt this guide. It’ll make the process easier for you.

However, as you work with indigenous art, it’s important to pinpoint that the choice of art all goes down to you. What story do you want to tell in a given space? It’s a question that should guide you through this process.


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